Dance Show Top 4

So I think tonight is the Dance Show Finale, but I’m not sure, it’s all so confusing. I thought Cat said last week that last week’s votes would be added to this week’s votes to choose the winner, but then she described this week’s show as being the Finale, and the Facebook page seems to imply that this is the Finale, so I guess they are letting people vote during the show for the winner, then will announce it in the end, through the wonders of lightning fast computer tabulation?

I am a blogger of too little brain for this sort of thing.

In any case, setting aside discussion of tonight’s show, I have HUGE NEWS to share (many, many thanks to Sarah for letting me know about this).


The Top 10/All-Stars tour will be in Ottawa, at the Canadian Tire Centre, on Friday, October 24, at 8 p.m. SQUEE. I’m totally going! You should come too! But join me in the cheap seats – even I don’t love Dance Show enough to pay $365 for a VIP front row seat.

(Maybe. If anyone reading this is with the press and wants to give me front row seats in exchange for a lavishly glowing review, I can easily be bought, is what I’m saying.)

So! Last week we lost Casey and Jacque, showing once more I am dreadful at predicting this show. I really thought I was not attached to anyone on this show, even Ricky, who I think is the best dancer but don’t really feel bonded with. But man, I was super sad when Casey got eliminated. I didn’t realize how much I had come to root for the little guy. Sniff. At least he went out on a high note and I’ll see him on the TOUR WHICH IS COMING TO MY CITY OMG.

Also, while I’m being ridiculously over-the-top excited about things: CHBEEB. I thought I might pass out from glee. Man, I love that guy, and the number he choreographed for Fikshun and Zack rocked. AND there was Sean Cheeseman rocking it with that amazing red balloon/ball number, AND there was Spencer Liff, who is my second favourite choreographer, rocking it with a giant swing, AND there was Jean-Marc being his adorably wacky Jean-Marc self, AND Jessica and Casey did the best disco I have seen on this show in YEARS. (And there was a Ray Leeper nightclub number which we will just say nothing about.)

So all in all – FABULOUS Top 6 show.

This week – Valerie and Zack have made it to the top 4 which means some awesome tapping awaits me, and that is a super bonus. Predictions: not sure I should even bother, but I will call Ricky for the win, although it does seem to me that Valerie has that Melanie-type smile about her that may carry her through. I have to say, any of the top 4 could win and I’d be fine with it, which is usually how a Dance Show season ends up for me, but I’m still super pumped and excited.

Which is all good. Dance Show forever!

A list of some favourite numbers from this season I’d like to see in the Finale (and in the LIVE SHOW OMG):

Valerie and Zack’s tap number to Sing, from the first week showcase show
Jessica and Stanley’s jazz number by Tyce D’Orio (the “flying carpet” number)
Tanisha and Rudy’s broadway number (Sing Sing Sing)
Both of the top 8 numbers – one to So Broken by Sonya Tayeh, one to Love Runs Out by Travis Wall
Zack and Jacque’s paso doble to Dragula
Jessica and Casey’s contemporary routine by Travis Wall (the one with The Kiss in the middle)
Emilio and Bridget’s jive to Happy
Both of the top 7 numbers – the girls to My Immortal by Mandy Moore, the guys to Wave by Travis Wall
Jacque and Chehon’s ballet
Ricky and Lauren’s rockabilly jazz by Mandy Moore
Jessica and Will’s Earth Song (where he’s the Earth, and she’s in the red dress)
Casey and Comfort’s hip hop (where she is the spider woman)
Valerie and Ricky’s broadway number from this week, with the swing
Jacque and Will’s number from this week, with the red ball/balloons
Zack and Fikshun’s ink blot number from this week, because CHBEEB

Ah Dance Show. I’ll never quit you.

Top Eight

I love all four of the top four women. It’s going to break my heart when one of them has to go home tonight. The men are much weaker this season, don’t you think?

Some quick thoughts on last night’s show:

* Man, I love it when Mia is on the show. At last, some actual comments! Some solid judging! Some fabulous shoes! Not a fan of the new hair, though.

* Nice to see the girls mixing it up with their solos a bit — I saw more originality this week in general. TJ’s solo was weird, what with the undressing and lots of reaching to nowhere and not much actual dancing. But I liked the other three.

* Everett still gives my favourite solos but I didn’t like his choice of music this week. Here’s an idea for the tapper: dance a capella. I am BRILLIANT. I am a DANCE GENIUS. In other solo news, Vincent is the best ballroom dancer I’ve ever seen on any dance show for giving good solo. He commands the stage just by standing there and twitching a hip. That’s charisma.

* I didn’t think Vincent and TJ’s rhumba was all that. That last lift looked awkward and like they ran out of time. As for the krumping, I’ve seen better. MANY better. It wasn’t even anywhere near as good as Melanie and Cody’s krump from earlier this season. Overall, a week weak for these two.

* I love it when two hip-hoppers get together and kill it. Cory and Kim were rocking the hip hop. The waltz got a lot of bad comments (a LOT) but although it wasn’t good, it wasn’t horrifying either. So sort of a middling week for them.

* I wanted to kiss Mia when she pointed out that Emanuel runs funny. He does! Although I guess he did have some sort of ankle thing going on. Anyway, his contemporary with Melanie was okay. I find the more I watch dance show, the more bored I am with the whole contempary genre. Is Mia the only contemporary choreographer capable of being interesting? I thought their disco routine was awful. Actually offensively awful. Blech. A very weak week for these two.

* Everett and Jayme Rae were great. Their…mambo? was good and had a smoothness and easyness to the lifts that Vincent and TJ’s rhumba was lacking. And their cute jazz number at the end was really entertaining and made me laugh. It seemed a little simplistic, but probably that just means that they were acing the choreography and making it look easy.

* The top four guys number was pretty good, but LOVED the top four women. It was my favourite number of the night. And for once, I thought they filmed it really well, sticking with long shots so we could really appreciate the way they were working together. Everyone was so strong. Seriously, can’t we have a top four that is all women? Can’t we vote off two men tonight? SERIOUSLY?

Should go home: Emanuel, because he seriously needs to rest, and his injuries are obviously preventing him from being an effective partner (he couldn’t even rehearse with Melanie), which is not fair to the girls. As for the girl going home…I can’t even think about it without tearing up. Don’t make me choose! Oh, if you HAVE to know — I predict Melanie based on her poor numbers this week and her appearance in the bottom two last week.

1. Everett — I’m calling him for the win.
2. Kim
3. TJ
4. Vincent
5. Jayme Rae (only because she doesn’t seem to get as many votes, but I adore her)
6. Melanie
7. Cody
8. Emanuel

I’m Going To Have To Kick Tre’s Ass, And It’s Not Going To Work Out Well For Me, I Think

Last night I snuggled under a blanket with a warm cup of tea and a box of tissues, and got caught up on this week’s Dance! Show! Canada! on CTV!

The dancing was a mixed bag.

The judging, as usual, made me angry. Why do I bother to watch the judging part? Sheesh. At least Mia Michaels, although toned down from her American-version appearances, offered some actual criticism. I love her. She can sit on my couch.

I told myself I’d just write a few quick notes on SYTYCD Canada this week, and then I composed this post in my head, and it was thirty pages long. When it comes to dance show, I cannot be contained! Somebody stop me!

Tara Jean and Everett did “theatre” — and a fair bit of tapping — with Sean Cheeseman. Big surprise here — I LOVED IT. I’m a tapper myself, and I’m so, so very happy to see someone tapping on dance show, but on top of that, the number was so fun and peppy and dynamic. Everett was awesome, of course, but TJ was really good, too.

Sean is now officially my most favourite choreographer on SYTYCD Canada. I loved this number so much, I rewatched it three times, and TJ and Everett vaulted over everyone else to become my two favourite dancers. The power of the CHEESEMAN cannot be denied.

Melanie and Cory did jazz with Melissa Williams. This one was only okay. I am SO over vampires. You wanna do something fresh? Try zombies or werewolves next time, Melissa. Anyway, Melanie was awesome as usual, and Cory was a little weak in technique — but still cute as a button. I do think they deserved bottom three, but it was a close call.

Austin and Corynne did a salsa with Tony Meredith and Melanie. Oh my God, people, this was SO BAD. It was quite possibly the WORST number I have ever seen on Dance Show, EVER. Corynne was just so awful! Her hips were frozen like an 80-year-old woman. She looked uncomfortable throughout, her sex factor was -10, and I don’t think she glanced at her partner throughout the whole routine. And Austin! The judges (stupid judges!) said that he was “committed,” but did they look at his face at all? Austin’s idea of “sex face” is something akin to my own “surprised to have stepped in a puddle of barf face” (sadly, I’ve had to use this face more than once this week). And as usual, Austin showed no interest in having a partner, no interaction with the audience, no chemistry at all. Good heavens, this was awful. I couldn’t even watch it a second time for amusement’s sake.

Kim and Emanuel did hop hop with Luther Brown. I liked the choreography here, and Kim was rocking as usual. Emanuel was dreadful, though. I am really starting to dislike him in a huge way. His ego is ballooning out of control — the size of his head will soon pass Austin’s — and he’s lost all sign of humility. He’s starting to believe that he can throw out any crap and Canada will love him — and that isn’t true, now, IS IT, CANADA? I felt strongly that this number belonged in the bottom three, and I was disappointed when Kim and Emanuel were safe. I hope everyone is voting for them just for Kim’s sake, and Emanuel goes home soon. If he or Austin wins this thing, I will be PISSED. OFF.

Jayme Rae and Daniel did contemporary with Blake. My mom hates Blake, but I really like him a lot. He’s my second favourite choreographer on the show and does some original and moving things. This piece was no exception, and I loved it. Stacey Tookey could learn a lot here — what makes this piece good is a specific idea (walking away from a wedding, as opposed to nebulous things like “remembering” or “breaking up”) combined with original movement and a perfect interpretation of song. I really like Jayme Rae and thought she was da bomb here. I also really like Daniel and I think he’s been a great partner and shown quite a lot of versatility. I would have rated this performance as the second best of the evening, and the fact that it ended up in the bottom three really worries me.

And I can’t even talk about the judges’ decision to send SOMEONE home. SO. WRONG.

Oh, who am I kidding? I can’t NOT talk about it. Taking Daniel out of the top 10 means that several fantastic numbers by Jayme Rae and Daniel are now not an option for the tour. Keeping Austin in the top 10 gives you nothing in terms of performances; Canada hates him and will probably vote him out right away; and dooms some poor girl into probably getting voted out because she was paired with Mr. NoChemistry. It’s not smart, it’s not fair, it’s not sensible. JUDGING FAIL.


Amy and Vincent did a jive with Tony Meredith and Melanie, and you know what? It wasn’t bad! Vincent was great, but Amy was also okay, for the first time this season. She seemed a lot more relaxed than usual and they had a bit of a spark between them, for a change. I would have put this number in the top 3 and I think they deserved to be safe this week. Crazy! I know!

I have to say, I feel like the women of the top 10 are much more interesting than the men. If only we could have a top 4 that was all female! In any case, here’s a quick seeding of the top 10 for the first week of individual voting:

1. Kim
2. Everett
3. Melanie
4. Tara Jean
5. Vincent
6. Jayme Rae
7. Amy
8. Cory
9. Emanuel
10. Austin

If only we could send four people home this week, my stress level would be so much lower.

I Can No Longer Remain Silent

Okay. I KNOW I said I wouldn’t be blogging (much) about So You Think You Can Dance Canada. But I am irate, IRATE, at the state of the so-called “judging” on that show. Not only are the judges so rah-rah positive all the time that their comments are moot, but there are usually four of them instead of three, so we have to listen to 33% more drivel.

Plus, the eliminations have been stupid and fathomless and completely without explanation.

So, I feel I must step forward with some actual CRITICISM. After all, how will Canada know how to vote without my valuable opinions?

I had hoped to live-blog this Tuesday’s episode, so you all could just mute out the actual judges and read my comments instead. However, it turns out that’s my first PTA meeting of the year (heh heh heh…let the ruling of the world BEGIN), so I have to watch it later. I’ll post some commentary as soon as I get a chance to view it.

In the meantime, let’s talk final 14 and top 10, shall we? Here’s who I’d like to see make the top 10:

Jayme Rae and Daniel: Duh.

Melanie M. and Cory: I love Melanie M., I think she’s my favourite. Cory is not as strong as most of the other men but even I have to admit (COUGAR ALERT) that he is just adorable. You definitely want Cory on the tour to satisfy all the screaming tweenage girls in the audience.

TJ and Everett: I’m so happy to see Everett toning things down and letting Austin take all the jackass points. These two are sweet and competent but they will have to do more to stand out if they are going to finish high on the show.

Kim and Emanuel: Kim is a no-brainer. Emanuel…much more controversial. He’s really good when he’s asked to play himself onstage; he’s not so good at everything else (his turn at hip-hop from week one still makes me LAUGH HEARTY). In the end I put him in the top ten for two reasons: one, he’s well-known in Canada, so his name might be a draw for the tour; and two, his being on the tour will allow Kim and him to do their Love Sex Magic number from last week live (loved it). So, I give him a pass but I’m counting on Canada to send him home in the first week of top-ten voting.

Natalie: I love how Natalie can totally kick ass when she’s krumping, and then be so sweet and adorable and kind in her interviews. I want her to move to my street so she can join my poker night and book club.

Vincent: For a ballroom guy, Vincent sure does put together energetic, original, and entertaining solos. He’s a great dancer and a great personality and I’m sure the judges will protect him until at least the top 10.

So, who sucks ass and should go home?

AMY: Oh man, I really, really do not understand the hard-on the judges have for Amy. Why do they persist in keeping her week after week, over much better dancers, when it’s clear she sucks and Canada does not like her? There must be some political reasoning here that I am not getting. If only they had sent her home last week, we could have seen Jenna Lynn with Vincent — a pairing that I thought would be exciting and well balanced. Send Amy home now!

Danny: I always forget Danny is on the show. During the opening bit when the dancers are introduced, he shows up, and I’m always all, “Who is that guy?” He’s just so incredibly forgettable — total white bread personality. His dancing is the same — precise and correct, yet devoid of all character. He’s done like dinner.

Corynne: I am very tired of her “Hee hee hee, I’m 12 years old!” personality. I think her dancing is passable at best; she has had some serious misses and shows little versatility. Bye bye.

Austin: This was a tough call. Austin is possibly the best male dancer this season. But his obnoxious preening, his constant lack of shirt, and inability to actually SHARE the stage with his partner has made Canada really dislike him. He’s just not clicking with the audience, so he’s not getting the votes. In the end I chose Emanuel to join the top 10 over Austin because Emanuel and Kim will be better on the tour than Austin and any of his revolving-door partners.

So, having not seen this week’s episode at all, I would recommend that Canada NOT vote for Corynne/Austin, Danny/Natalie, and Amy/Vincent, and then pray that the judges send home anyone but Natalie and Vincent. (Actually, THEY better do the praying, because if they screw up AGAIN, I am going to have to kick some ass. I’ve been watching The Wire, people, do NOT mess with me.)

Ranking my dream top 10…the girls go Jayme Rae, Melanie M., Kim, TJ, and Natalie. The boys go Daniel, Everett, Vincent, Cory, and Emanuel.

SYTYCD Canda producers — call me when you want some REAL comments on your stupid show. SHEESH.

Dance! Show!

Tonight is the prime time premiere of So You Think You Can Dance, American edition. I’ll BE THERE.

Meanwhile, tonight is also another elimination episode of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I really, really wish that SYTYCD Canada would hire me to do the eliminations on this show. It’s not that I’m mean or I enjoy confrontation — quite the opposite. But the judges on Canada — Jean-Marc gives the bad news to the girls, Tre breaks it to the men — SUCK SO BAD. They never offer meaningful feedback or any hint as to how they reached their decisions; they either try for fake drama very, very poorly, or “get it over with quickly” with no build up or information. SUCKS.

Memo to Jean-Marc and Tre — here’s how to eliminate someone with style:

1. Ask one of the three dancers to step forward. This may be someone who is leaving or someone who is going home — shake it up week to week, but do not blindly alternate between staying/going, because that is stupid.

2. If the dancer is staying, start by giving them a tough lecture on why they ended up in the bottom three, and what they need to do to improve, then “shock” the audience by sending them to safety. If it’s someone who obviously does not belong in the bottom three, because Canada does not know how to use a telephone properly, then don’t mess around, just send them to safety.

3. If the dancer is not staying, tell them you love them and they have so much potential, but they didn’t connect with the audience/have chemistry with their partner/show versatility/wear the right costumes/whatever. And home they go.

4. If the first dancer was sent to safety, address the remaining two dancers. Give them some quick feedback — “Dancer One, you have great lines and strength, but you just haven’t developed as much as we would like to see. Dancer Two, you have amazing personality, but your technique is weak.” Maybe mention if the judges were unanimous or not, Nigel loves that on the American version. Then, Dancer X is the one going home.


Also, I really, really, REALLY wish that whoever writes Leah Miller’s script would knock it off with the super-annoying fake-out crap, like, “You will have to dance for your lives…ANOTHER TIME!” Oh yes, messing with the dancers and the audience, to the point where we no longer understand what the hell she is saying — so, are they safe? are they dancing? I don’t even think Leah knows! — is STUPID.

In unrelated news, I noticed this morning while writing a cheque that today is 09/09/09. That’s cool.