Top Eight

I love all four of the top four women. It’s going to break my heart when one of them has to go home tonight. The men are much weaker this season, don’t you think?

Some quick thoughts on last night’s show:

* Man, I love it when Mia is on the show. At last, some actual comments! Some solid judging! Some fabulous shoes! Not a fan of the new hair, though.

* Nice to see the girls mixing it up with their solos a bit — I saw more originality this week in general. TJ’s solo was weird, what with the undressing and lots of reaching to nowhere and not much actual dancing. But I liked the other three.

* Everett still gives my favourite solos but I didn’t like his choice of music this week. Here’s an idea for the tapper: dance a capella. I am BRILLIANT. I am a DANCE GENIUS. In other solo news, Vincent is the best ballroom dancer I’ve ever seen on any dance show for giving good solo. He commands the stage just by standing there and twitching a hip. That’s charisma.

* I didn’t think Vincent and TJ’s rhumba was all that. That last lift looked awkward and like they ran out of time. As for the krumping, I’ve seen better. MANY better. It wasn’t even anywhere near as good as Melanie and Cody’s krump from earlier this season. Overall, a week weak for these two.

* I love it when two hip-hoppers get together and kill it. Cory and Kim were rocking the hip hop. The waltz got a lot of bad comments (a LOT) but although it wasn’t good, it wasn’t horrifying either. So sort of a middling week for them.

* I wanted to kiss Mia when she pointed out that Emanuel runs funny. He does! Although I guess he did have some sort of ankle thing going on. Anyway, his contemporary with Melanie was okay. I find the more I watch dance show, the more bored I am with the whole contempary genre. Is Mia the only contemporary choreographer capable of being interesting? I thought their disco routine was awful. Actually offensively awful. Blech. A very weak week for these two.

* Everett and Jayme Rae were great. Their…mambo? was good and had a smoothness and easyness to the lifts that Vincent and TJ’s rhumba was lacking. And their cute jazz number at the end was really entertaining and made me laugh. It seemed a little simplistic, but probably that just means that they were acing the choreography and making it look easy.

* The top four guys number was pretty good, but LOVED the top four women. It was my favourite number of the night. And for once, I thought they filmed it really well, sticking with long shots so we could really appreciate the way they were working together. Everyone was so strong. Seriously, can’t we have a top four that is all women? Can’t we vote off two men tonight? SERIOUSLY?

Should go home: Emanuel, because he seriously needs to rest, and his injuries are obviously preventing him from being an effective partner (he couldn’t even rehearse with Melanie), which is not fair to the girls. As for the girl going home…I can’t even think about it without tearing up. Don’t make me choose! Oh, if you HAVE to know — I predict Melanie based on her poor numbers this week and her appearance in the bottom two last week.

1. Everett — I’m calling him for the win.
2. Kim
3. TJ
4. Vincent
5. Jayme Rae (only because she doesn’t seem to get as many votes, but I adore her)
6. Melanie
7. Cody
8. Emanuel

4 thoughts on “Top Eight

  1. I predicted Cody and Kim. I agree with you on many of your points. Although I love Everett I thought he was lacking in the Mambo. I really liked their Jazz one though. I don’t want to discuss the results show so I don’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched. But I was surprised at the bottom two guys (and a bit disappointed). But thankful you know who didn’t go home.

  2. Part of me was hoping Emmanuel would bow out for injuries last week.

    Alas. Is it wrong that I want to rhumba with Vincent… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  3. I’m finally caught up!

    Sad to see Kim go, but I agree: this season it was all about the women! The top 4 girls were fab, and I’d really like to see a girl win. They’re stronger than the guys for sure.

    My PVR didn’t tape the top 6 episode, and it looked like TJ and Vincent had some wicked numbers. Rats!

    I think of the remaining 4 Jayme Rae is my favourite, but I think TJ might win with her heart-warming back story and crying and proclamations of “I’m happy”, which would be okay.

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