I Can No Longer Remain Silent

Okay. I KNOW I said I wouldn’t be blogging (much) about So You Think You Can Dance Canada. But I am irate, IRATE, at the state of the so-called “judging” on that show. Not only are the judges so rah-rah positive all the time that their comments are moot, but there are usually four of them instead of three, so we have to listen to 33% more drivel.

Plus, the eliminations have been stupid and fathomless and completely without explanation.

So, I feel I must step forward with some actual CRITICISM. After all, how will Canada know how to vote without my valuable opinions?

I had hoped to live-blog this Tuesday’s episode, so you all could just mute out the actual judges and read my comments instead. However, it turns out that’s my first PTA meeting of the year (heh heh heh…let the ruling of the world BEGIN), so I have to watch it later. I’ll post some commentary as soon as I get a chance to view it.

In the meantime, let’s talk final 14 and top 10, shall we? Here’s who I’d like to see make the top 10:

Jayme Rae and Daniel: Duh.

Melanie M. and Cory: I love Melanie M., I think she’s my favourite. Cory is not as strong as most of the other men but even I have to admit (COUGAR ALERT) that he is just adorable. You definitely want Cory on the tour to satisfy all the screaming tweenage girls in the audience.

TJ and Everett: I’m so happy to see Everett toning things down and letting Austin take all the jackass points. These two are sweet and competent but they will have to do more to stand out if they are going to finish high on the show.

Kim and Emanuel: Kim is a no-brainer. Emanuel…much more controversial. He’s really good when he’s asked to play himself onstage; he’s not so good at everything else (his turn at hip-hop from week one still makes me LAUGH HEARTY). In the end I put him in the top ten for two reasons: one, he’s well-known in Canada, so his name might be a draw for the tour; and two, his being on the tour will allow Kim and him to do their Love Sex Magic number from last week live (loved it). So, I give him a pass but I’m counting on Canada to send him home in the first week of top-ten voting.

Natalie: I love how Natalie can totally kick ass when she’s krumping, and then be so sweet and adorable and kind in her interviews. I want her to move to my street so she can join my poker night and book club.

Vincent: For a ballroom guy, Vincent sure does put together energetic, original, and entertaining solos. He’s a great dancer and a great personality and I’m sure the judges will protect him until at least the top 10.

So, who sucks ass and should go home?

AMY: Oh man, I really, really do not understand the hard-on the judges have for Amy. Why do they persist in keeping her week after week, over much better dancers, when it’s clear she sucks and Canada does not like her? There must be some political reasoning here that I am not getting. If only they had sent her home last week, we could have seen Jenna Lynn with Vincent — a pairing that I thought would be exciting and well balanced. Send Amy home now!

Danny: I always forget Danny is on the show. During the opening bit when the dancers are introduced, he shows up, and I’m always all, “Who is that guy?” He’s just so incredibly forgettable — total white bread personality. His dancing is the same — precise and correct, yet devoid of all character. He’s done like dinner.

Corynne: I am very tired of her “Hee hee hee, I’m 12 years old!” personality. I think her dancing is passable at best; she has had some serious misses and shows little versatility. Bye bye.

Austin: This was a tough call. Austin is possibly the best male dancer this season. But his obnoxious preening, his constant lack of shirt, and inability to actually SHARE the stage with his partner has made Canada really dislike him. He’s just not clicking with the audience, so he’s not getting the votes. In the end I chose Emanuel to join the top 10 over Austin because Emanuel and Kim will be better on the tour than Austin and any of his revolving-door partners.

So, having not seen this week’s episode at all, I would recommend that Canada NOT vote for Corynne/Austin, Danny/Natalie, and Amy/Vincent, and then pray that the judges send home anyone but Natalie and Vincent. (Actually, THEY better do the praying, because if they screw up AGAIN, I am going to have to kick some ass. I’ve been watching The Wire, people, do NOT mess with me.)

Ranking my dream top 10…the girls go Jayme Rae, Melanie M., Kim, TJ, and Natalie. The boys go Daniel, Everett, Vincent, Cory, and Emanuel.

SYTYCD Canda producers — call me when you want some REAL comments on your stupid show. SHEESH.

5 thoughts on “I Can No Longer Remain Silent

  1. Amen to that… Also I would like Jean-Pierre to not do the whole “you’re safe…” to leave the last girl standing there… with no good reason. Honestly, I think the entire suspense thing is stupid.

    As an aside, what the heck is up with the contestants “I think the judges made a mistake.” (i.e. Melanie last week, just for her speech she deserved to go.) And what’s with the waterworks?

    Emmanuel is a name but damn he has a hard time playing the straight man. (Close your eyes and imagine Daniel doing the magician number… whoa… ) I do think Emmanual can dance but damn that hip hop was bad bad bad… he’s just not … I don’t know… all that.

    I totally forget Danny is on the show… Austin never should have made the top 20. Let him try next year. Alas.

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