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So I think tonight is the Dance Show Finale, but I’m not sure, it’s all so confusing. I thought Cat said last week that last week’s votes would be added to this week’s votes to choose the winner, but then she described this week’s show as being the Finale, and the Facebook page seems to imply that this is the Finale, so I guess they are letting people vote during the show for the winner, then will announce it in the end, through the wonders of lightning fast computer tabulation?

I am a blogger of too little brain for this sort of thing.

In any case, setting aside discussion of tonight’s show, I have HUGE NEWS to share (many, many thanks to Sarah for letting me know about this).


The Top 10/All-Stars tour will be in Ottawa, at the Canadian Tire Centre, on Friday, October 24, at 8 p.m. SQUEE. I’m totally going! You should come too! But join me in the cheap seats – even I don’t love Dance Show enough to pay $365 for a VIP front row seat.

(Maybe. If anyone reading this is with the press and wants to give me front row seats in exchange for a lavishly glowing review, I can easily be bought, is what I’m saying.)

So! Last week we lost Casey and Jacque, showing once more I am dreadful at predicting this show. I really thought I was not attached to anyone on this show, even Ricky, who I think is the best dancer but don’t really feel bonded with. But man, I was super sad when Casey got eliminated. I didn’t realize how much I had come to root for the little guy. Sniff. At least he went out on a high note and I’ll see him on the TOUR WHICH IS COMING TO MY CITY OMG.

Also, while I’m being ridiculously over-the-top excited about things: CHBEEB. I thought I might pass out from glee. Man, I love that guy, and the number he choreographed for Fikshun and Zack rocked. AND there was Sean Cheeseman rocking it with that amazing red balloon/ball number, AND there was Spencer Liff, who is my second favourite choreographer, rocking it with a giant swing, AND there was Jean-Marc being his adorably wacky Jean-Marc self, AND Jessica and Casey did the best disco I have seen on this show in YEARS. (And there was a Ray Leeper nightclub number which we will just say nothing about.)

So all in all – FABULOUS Top 6 show.

This week – Valerie and Zack have made it to the top 4 which means some awesome tapping awaits me, and that is a super bonus. Predictions: not sure I should even bother, but I will call Ricky for the win, although it does seem to me that Valerie has that Melanie-type smile about her that may carry her through. I have to say, any of the top 4 could win and I’d be fine with it, which is usually how a Dance Show season ends up for me, but I’m still super pumped and excited.

Which is all good. Dance Show forever!

A list of some favourite numbers from this season I’d like to see in the Finale (and in the LIVE SHOW OMG):

Valerie and Zack’s tap number to Sing, from the first week showcase show
Jessica and Stanley’s jazz number by Tyce D’Orio (the “flying carpet” number)
Tanisha and Rudy’s broadway number (Sing Sing Sing)
Both of the top 8 numbers – one to So Broken by Sonya Tayeh, one to Love Runs Out by Travis Wall
Zack and Jacque’s paso doble to Dragula
Jessica and Casey’s contemporary routine by Travis Wall (the one with The Kiss in the middle)
Emilio and Bridget’s jive to Happy
Both of the top 7 numbers – the girls to My Immortal by Mandy Moore, the guys to Wave by Travis Wall
Jacque and Chehon’s ballet
Ricky and Lauren’s rockabilly jazz by Mandy Moore
Jessica and Will’s Earth Song (where he’s the Earth, and she’s in the red dress)
Casey and Comfort’s hip hop (where she is the spider woman)
Valerie and Ricky’s broadway number from this week, with the swing
Jacque and Will’s number from this week, with the red ball/balloons
Zack and Fikshun’s ink blot number from this week, because CHBEEB

Ah Dance Show. I’ll never quit you.

4 thoughts on “Dance Show Top 4

    1. Hee! Fixed it. Have you got tickets yet? The floor is already totally sold out. I managed to get two in section 102 (I think), about halfway back.

  1. my friend was gonna book them but not sure if she did. we are going to try for cheaper ones, so we’ll see what we end up with. I am heading with the same friend to NYC the weekend before, so we figured we should be good and not get the “good tickets” for SYTYCD!

  2. Smothermother

    That night club thing was a total disaster! And it had nothing to do with the dancers.

    I’d add Valerie and Twitch’s wedding dance. I loved it.

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