About Me

My name is Lynn. This is me:

I live in Ottawa, Ontario. It’s the capital of Canada. It’s awfully easy to feel patriotic every day when you live here.

Parliament Buildings

I live alone part of the time, and my three kids drop in and out the other part of the time. I don’t post pictures of them online, so this will have to do:


Turtlehead is my mother’s word for that groggy feeling you get when you’ve overslept. I swear I didn’t know about the poop connotation until much later. By coincidence, I do really love turtles. They’re my favourite animal.

Turtle at Ray's Reptiles in Ottawa

This blog is a place for me to work on my writing and figure out my life. On any given day I might write about writing, parenting, becoming A Lady Of a Certain Age or… oh forget it. We all know I’ll be working BTS into every possible conversation.

If you have a private message for me, you can contact me at lynnturtlehead at gmail dot com.

I’m also on Instagram and Facebook.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi. thanks for stopping by my page. i def look forward to taking a look around your blog later. i’m so surprised to hear that you didn’t like season 3 as much as season 2. i think i liked 2 and 3 equally at first. some of the dancers and personalities on 2 were just incredible but i just feel like there are better dancers on season 3. i hope you’re right and season 4 does get better with time. i’m glad you’ll come back next week. sometimes when i’m writing about sytycd i feel like i’m talking to myself. 🙂

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  3. Hi Lynn,
    Just browsing your blog, since you browsed mine! Thanks for leaving a message on mine… it’s exciting to know someone is reading 🙂 Just got started on the blogging thing, so it’s all new to me.

    I’ll have to look into this Blog Out Loud thing… sounds interesting.

    Would love to banter about tv & CBC radio shows, as I am a fan (and critic) of both!

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  5. I recently discovered your blog – just had to let you know I’m now addicted! I’ve been reading some of your favorite posts, and have added you to my reader. (Did you ever figure out if beige socks go with khaki pants? I never wear khakis with socks because I could never figure it out! 🙂

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