Prim and Proper

My God, did you know that Google Maps has this thing called street view? And while on street view, you can, you know, see a view of your street? A highly detailed picture of your own house and yard and everything, available on anyone’s computer?

It’s kind of freaking me out.

Also, I have now watched this video on YouTube approximately one million times:

The kids and I are addicted. I now have “I’ve Got A Feeling” so engrained in my head that I will be humming it to my grave. It’s more than just a song stuck in my mind — my brain has literally been REWIRED to play the Black Eyed Peas on a continuous loop. The Captain has taken to randomly exclaiming, “Mazel Tov!” around the house. I can sing any snippet of lyrics, anywhere, anytime, and the kids will pick it up and continue the song.


In other YouTube adventures, after watching Glee a couple of weeks ago I checked out this new song by Beyonce called Single Ladies — perhaps you have heard of it? It was only a massive international hit several months ago, and recently the subject of some sort of Kanye West jackass-ness. Anyway, clearly I have been watching too much wholesome television these past few years, like Dora and The Wiggles, because all of a sudden I find myself with eyebrows raised at Beyonce’s video:

[Link to video — embedding has been disabled.]

Hips thrusting all over the place! Hair flying! Seductive looks! It was all so shocking.

I feel like those parents who were HORRIFIED to see Elvis shaking his pelvis on television all those years ago. Prudism! It’s back in style!

I need to get out more.

9 thoughts on “Prim and Proper

  1. OMG, I LOVE that “I’ve Got a Feeling” video. I also played it far too many times in a row, so that I had to force myself away from the computer.

    I’ve been meaning to watch Glee. Even Tivo’d some episodes, but I never managed to watch. I’m just not dedicated enough to television viewing these days. My teenaged self would be appalled at the lack of television in my life. What has become of me?

  2. KristaR

    I don’t think you are prudish…I think all the hip-thrusting is disturbing. It’s fine for an adult audience, but do we really want our young kids being influenced in such a way? It’s so different now than when we were growing up – you could only see videos on television and they were so tame in comparison to what’s out there today. Now it’s instant access everywhere, all the time and a lot of it akin to soft porn. There’s a lot of talent out there, it’s too bad the inappropriate videos are so accessible to kids.

  3. LOL you are just discovering Single Ladies now! LOL

    Funny I JUST got off street view, like 2 seconds ago, checking out my house. We aren’t home but our neighbours are outside talking. Their faces are all smudged.

  4. lifeonthego

    ~I find Google street view very cool yet simultaneously terrifying! I’m pretty sure that there’s a way that you can take your house off if you have the heebie jeebies about it.

    ~I second the rec on the SNL Single Ladies parody. Justin Timberlake and his “I’m a dancer” crack me up and I can’t help but think of it every time I hear the song.

  5. You don’t even want to know what I let The Boy watch. We had a discussion about whether or not Maiden’s Run to the Hill’s had to word “hell” in it a lot. You see they are doing some sort of BEP song in choir/music class. The Man and I are were lobbying for something a bit “harder” … hence Maiden.

  6. Amelia Witherspoon

    Ha, I love both those videos! The “You’ve Got a Feeling” video was pretty cool, and I imagined my brother wanting to do something like that while he was in high school. As for Beyonce, I was listening to the deluxe 2-CD version of that album yesterday, and I was just thinking how happy I am I’m not in the music/entertainment business. Isn’t her father her manager? I wonder how he detaches himself from all that. It must be so hard for her and other entertainers…you’re an adult, so you want to sing/perform about adult topics (e.g. her song “Video Phone” from the same album — oh, God). But at the same time, you are supposed to be a role model for the tweens and teens (e.g. allowing Taylor Swift her acceptance speech, and singing “Halo” to the little girl with cancer — another video you should check out — this has some good quality:

    Anyway, how do you reconcile the two? It must be very frustrating. If I was a huge pop star, I know I wouldn’t want to clean myself up all the time for the sake of the kiddies. But at the same time I might be feeling uncomfortable knowing my parents do watch TV and can see what I’m doing.

    But all role modeling aside, how cool is that dance? I didn’t even like the song until I saw the video. All three of those women are so talented. Took me back to my own dance club days in college.

    Oh yeah, one more thing and I’ll be done writing this ridiculously long comment. It might comfort you to know that Google street view is a lot of times outdated, so who knows! Although it is pretty scary. When you type in my childhood address, you can see my dad’s car parked out in our driveway, so now I’m sure someone is able to find his license plate # if they wanted to. My brother’s old car is there, too, but thankfully it’s not the one he drives anymore. Anyway. Google is stupid.

  7. Mr. Chatty had “Single Ladies” in his head for most of the last week of our trip due to a commercial for Beyonce’s concert in Egypt that was played on every break the international CNN channel took. He’s been calling out for “all the single ladies! all the single ladies!” for a while now. Hopefully this phase will pass… 🙂

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