You Capture: Red


I’ve been reading Beth’s blog I Should Be Folding Laundry for a long time now. A while back she started a photo challenge called You Capture, in which she gives us all a theme and we try to take shots on that theme. I’ve really been interested in participating but every time I try to take a so-called “artistic” shot, I think it sucks and is just embarrassing and I can’t bring myself to post them here. There is just so much great photography out there that I’m ashamed to display my own feeble efforts in public.

Plus, it is SO embarrassing to have to explain to Sir Monkeypants and the kids why I’m suddenly taking weird slanted shots of toys and flowers and other stuff around the house. I feel like a total douche.

Still. I have a nice camera, and I’m interested in taking better pictures. I’m also interested in learning more about post-processing and how it can improve photos. And I keep telling the kids you get better by practicing. I think it’s time I followed my own rules.

So this week, I bring you my first ever official participation in You Capture.

This week’s theme was the colour red. I found a ton of inspiration on the walk to my kids’ school.

Day Moon
Peeking Through
Over the Fence
Fire Plant
Berries and Fence
Turning Leaves

22 thoughts on “You Capture: Red

  1. Love the fourth picture (flowers)… those are so striking. They almost look like my astilbe… what are they?

    The red ivy peeking through the fence is a great capture, too. =)

    1. I wish I knew! They are in someone’s garden down the street, and they are the reddest plants I have ever seen, ever. I want some for my house — I have to figure out what they are!

  2. Those are beautiful shots! What beautiful bright colors! I know what you mean about trying to capture something artsy and failing miserably–I feel like that happens to me all the time. I load up the pictures and am so disappointed with what I get…it is frustrating!

  3. Jenn

    Never be ashamed of your pictures! Everyone has their own idea of beauty and how it is captured and interpreted. Love your Day Moon and Fire Plant! Keep snapping =). Jenn

  4. These are great – remember, everyone has their own idea of what art is, so the only person you know you can really please is yourself (but you might be surprised at how many other people agree with you!)

    Of course, I had to drop by due to your blog’s name… travel on fellow turtle!

  5. I love your pictures. That fence is fantastic! How fun! I am glad you are having such a great time with it! Really cool! The more you take the more you will grow! And you are totally rocking red that is for sure : )

  6. The least crappy of our three crappy cameras recently died. Thanks for inspiring me to get a new one. And I promise to watch so you think you can dance canada next week so I get the next blog post on it.

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