The May Slog

I have decided, in a very grouchy and cranky way, that spring is my least favourite season, possibly because of the busy-ness, but mostly because of the weather. I can get behind the sparkly snow and hot chocolate of winter, and its ease of dressing (reach for the same boots and coat every day, all the days). I can get behind the oven-roasting heat of summer, with its cute sandals and freeing ability to leave the house without a coat. And I even like fall, with its gloomy days and darkening hours that make me want to read all the gothic novels and cuddle up by a fire. But it’s the cold damp of spring that gets into my bones and lives there, growing like a fungus, bringing allergies and the common cold and a mud room that smells like wet dog, and we don’t even HAVE a dog. Not to mention that every where I turn there is some sort of half-dead plant and ugly, torn up chunk of grass that is going to require me to be outside in the cold dampness doing yardwork. SHUDDER.

We are entering the crazy-busy time of year for us, the time when year-long activities like Girl Guides and piano and swim lessons are still going on, but spring activities like soccer and ultimate are starting up, and every subject has a major project due. I always go a little comatose in May and June, because everything is just so overwhelming and I’m racing around so much that I spend every free second I have being completely catatonic in front of Facebook. But I did make this Marie Curie costume for Little Miss Sunshine this weekend, for a school presentation she is doing later this month:

I am so, so ridiculously proud of myself. Not only for pulling together this costume on the cheap (dress is a modified Old Navy ladies’ t-shirt dress, lab coat was cut down and modified from a man’s white dress shirt I got at Value Village), but also for convincing her to be Marie Curie in the first place, as opposed to the various pop stars she was considering. The secret: sharing the fun fact that the white kitten in The Aristocats was named for Marie Curie. Sure, she has two Nobel Prizes and whatever, but having a Disney character named after you is what really counts. Take that, Katy Perry!

Also on the plus side: Gal Smiley continues her obsession with all things Disney, particularly the music. She is into music in general, but this winter and spring she’s had a sudden resurgence of interest in playing Disney music pretty much constantly on her new Spotify account, interspersed with viewings of some of the older Disney movies that we haven’t seen in years, filled in with a re-watching of Moana or Beauty and the Beast whenever we have a brief break in the schedule. It’s seriously SO CHARMING.

Our oldest went through something like this when he was thirteen, too – suddenly getting re-interested in watching old Thomas the Tank Engine and Peep and the Big Wide World episodes that he remembered from his youth, wanting to crack out the old train track and set it up. I wonder if this is a typical transition-to-teen thing. Now that he’s fifteen he’s pretty much over it, and although we can still perk him with a bit of talk about trains or Lightning McQueen, he’s moved on to more adult things. I suppose the same will happen to Gal Smiley but for now, I’m enjoying the nostalgia.

So I suppose there are some Spring positives, and the sun is at least shining, and we brought up our bin of flip flops and sandals on the weekend, and had our first barbecue too. Plus, there is a giant bowl of jellybeans on my desk, so I resolve to be less grumpy and try to be positive like Madame Curie and every Disney princess ever, and get through the May Slog. See you on the other side!

5 thoughts on “The May Slog

  1. It’s a crazy time of year. Seriously I wonder when things finally do slow down will I be able to actually relax? Because I fear I’ll constantly think I’m missing something crucial…lol

    Nice to read you!

  2. Zhu

    I think I came to peace with the fact there’s no spring in Canada. Winter, then summer, that’s it. On the other hand, we have a nice, long fall season while in Europe it goes from summer to shitty damp weather.

  3. Julie M

    I thought I was the only person who didn’t like spring. I’ve been saving this quote to use so here goes, “Every year, back comes Spring, with nasty little birds yapping their fool heads off and the ground all mucked up with plants.”
    Dorothy Parker

    Madam Curie will look very professional in her costume. My grandson was one of probably eight Jackie Robinson’s at his school. A mix of all races and genders.

  4. bibliomama2

    Hm. Interesting. I never feel like we really HAVE a spring. Just fake-spring-really-still-winter and then fake-spring-actually-summer. Well, there WAS that one day a few days ago when it was sunny but cool and Lucy and I went for a lovely walk. Ever since then it’s been too hot. I love not having to wear boots and a jacket, but I am NOT ready to start showing my arms, and I’m too hot with sleeves on. But also, my mental gloomy fog has lifted considerably this week, so I have to be grateful for that.

    A couple years ago Eve went on a comprehensive Backyardigans rewatch, and when we were in Florida U.S. Netflix had all of Phineas and Ferb and she was SO happy. I love when they revisit stuff like that.

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