It’s Raining

This morning, before school.

Captain JB, age 15: Kay, bye mom.

Me: Wait! It’s pouring rain! I thought you were going to wear a jacket.

Him: No, why would I?

Me: It’s raining.

Him: I spend all day inside, I don’t go outside for recess.

Me: You have to walk to the bus, and wait for the bus.

Him: I’ll be fine.

Me: You’ll be soaked! Take your jacket!

Him: Fine, I will take the jacket and put it in my backpack. Is that alright?

Me, sighing: I guess so. Do you want an umbrella?


And scene.

2 thoughts on “It’s Raining

  1. Zhu

    Ah, I was your son this morning, with Feng telling me to take an umbrella!

    I didn’t. I got hopelessly soaked and splashed by cars. I still think an umbrella wouldn’t have helped much.

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