Last Day

I find, as I get older, that I get more and more sentimental about things. It runs in the family – my grandfather was well known for getting teary-eyed at every emotional moment, and several of his grandchildren are the same way. Today is the last day of school and I’m a little misty, mostly because next year the Captain will be in grade seven (SEVEN!) and Gal Smiley will be in grade six (SIX!) next year, and that just seems so big.

The Captain’s class made a yearbook this year – everyone made their own page about themselves, listing their favourite memories of the year and their predictions for the future – and then the teacher copied them into a book for each kid. I heard about it on Monday and immediately got a little teary, because yearbooks! So grown up! and then, it was even worse, because he mentioned he couldn’t bring it home yet because he was still getting everyone to sign it. They were SIGNING YEARBOOKS. Are they trying to kill me with tears, here?

Speaking of tears, here’s a word of advice: do not go see Inside Out with your 11-year-old daughter. DO NOT DO IT. The main character is an 11-year-old girl and she’s just feeling all these crazy emotions and the world is so hard and she’s letting go of childish things but not quite ready for grown up things and SNIFF. I was sitting next to Gal Smiley and at the end of it, I looked at her all mushy-eyed and grabbed her for a hug, while she rolled her eyes in true Disgust fashion. MY BABY. Damn you, Pixar.

Tonight is the last night of soccer for the big kids (the Captain’s last game ever, as he’s aged out of this league and unlikely to move on to the next level), tomorrow is the last one for the Little Miss, and after that, there’s going to be a lot of sleeping in, lazing around, and eating of fresh fruit and freezies. Please don’t disillusion me by bringing up the bickering that’s always a hallmark of the first week – it’s enough to make me cry. Happy last day!

3 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. Seriously. Bickering? lol. We pass a lovely little Baptist chapel on the way to school which offers free bible study camp for the summer. (we are not religious)….I mentioned that if bickering happens within my earshot, I will be signing them UP.


    I’m struggling with this last day thing. For one, as my little 2nd grader girlie skipped to school with her hand-made letter for her teacher, she was surrounded by kids with presents and bags and flowers as big as the kid. She looked at her handmade letter and I encouraged her that her teacher will LOVE it because she made it herself. (Note to self, maybe bake cookies next year…sigh.) Last thing I want is for her to feel like it’s a competition. And now she’s going to be a 3rd grader…sigh

    But for us too, we are running around on the last day of school and after school activities when all we want to do is laze around. Dinner? There’s a box of crackers, help yourself. Thirsty? Grab a freezie…on top of it, we’re double booked AND I have to pick up an extra couple of kids after school. Wine time will have to wait till tomorrow. 🙂

    Happy summer Lynn!

  2. I went to see Inside Out yesterday. My niece is 11, and I’d swear they taped her for some of it. (I’ve heard the annoyed “I have to go now” more than once.) They did an excellent job.

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