Little Updates

I sent a kid to school today with a lunch of chips, cookies, two pepperoni sticks, and a banana. When does school end, again?


The kids have discovered a croquet set that has been languishing in the basement, unloved, lo these twenty years. Suddenly it’s croquet in the backyard all day, every day. I feel like I’m living in the English countryside. Or possibly the movie Heathers.

The Captain insists on always being red. Should I book him some therapy? Shiver.


We’re off to see a FIFA game this Saturday. We just thought it would be kind of cool, since it’s a world event and everything, right in our home city. Little did we realize that our city has done everything possible to prevent us from attending, including a) only scheduling matches in the evening, b) not allowing ANY cars to park at the stadium, but instead bringing in people by transit only, and c) scheduling the girls’ end of year piano concert at exactly the same time as this ONE game we were able to attend. Kay, maybe the city didn’t have much to do with that last one, but it does feel like fate is against us.

However, after dithering and possibly giving up several times, we have been saved by my sister FameThrowa and her delightful husband, Mr. Chatty, who will be a) taking the one cranky child who refused to attend off our hands (eleven – it’s a CHALLENGING year), b) dropping us off at the stadium after we drop off our kid, and c) generally being awesome and supportive. We’ve also made arrangements to steal parking from MyFriendAgi, who lives in the neighbourhood, because we have to take two cars due to piano concert issues.

You can’t foil us, FIFA! We’re coming for you, no matter what hell you may throw our way. Prediction: sunburns, boredom, possible starvation as the game is over the dinner hour. FUN!

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  1. Oh, now I’m in a race with Nicole to blog about Heathers for the Throwback Blog!
    I snorted at the lunch comment – so with you on that one. “Here, have a jar of marshmallow fluff and a pickle”.

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