Pushing Daisies

I’ve been watching Pushing Daisies with the older two kids. I admit it: I forced them into it. Pushing Daisies is, like, my nirvana of TV shows, considering it features everything I love about life, the universe, and everything, including:

  • Pie
  • Musical numbers
  • Clever puns and witty banter
  • 50s fashions (gloves! hats! pumps dyed to match the dress!)
  • Magical realism
  • Bright colours
  • Murder mysteries
  • Omniscient narration
  • Gentle, quiet romance involving a lot of longing looks and flirty comments

All this, plus synchronized swimming, a vast variety of cheeses, eye patches, AND Ellen Greene. SWOON.


I’m happy to report the kids are properly sucked in. The Captain (age: 12 and a bit) thinks it’s silly but just loves it. Gal Smiley (age: nearly 11) was a little freaked out by the dead bodies at first, and still does sometimes find it scary, but won’t hear of us watching it without her. Isn’t it just the best part of parenting, when you can take something you love love love, and show it to your kids, and they’re young enough to love it too, instead of sneering about how everything you touch is LAME and GOD MOM, LEAVE ME ALONE?

These are the golden years, for sure.

Pushing Daisies, I admit, has been a bit of a stalling tactic because I told Gal Smiley she can watch Glee with me when she turns 11, and she is literally counting down the days to her birthday, when she plans on kicking off Episode 1 on Netflix and watching non-stop until her eyes bleed. I’m not sure she and I are ready for the teen years quite yet, but there’s massive peer pressure (“EVERYONE at school has seen it, MOM!”) and she’s already spent hours and hours watching the videos of the musical numbers online so I think the slippery slope has been slipped. It’s happening, starting September 21, so a delivery of hard liquor on that day would be appreciated.

So until the Glee thing starts up, I was looking for some other show to watch with them, and the others on my hit list – Buffy, Veronica Mars, and Serenity – are definitely for an older audience. What beloved series would you show to your kids, or have shown to your kids, given the chance?

5 thoughts on “Pushing Daisies

  1. I will have to check that one out. The girls and I just finished watching Gilmore Girls and Abby and I are watching Once Upon A Time, but I looking for something that will appeal to them both.

  2. I shamelessly watch Heartland on my own because – you know, horses – but I know many, many families watch this together as you’re not going to run into anything offensive / that you didn’t want to have to explain to your kids, and IMHO, there are some quite funny little storylines / quirky bits added in just for the adults.

    1. One girl in the Captain’s class wrote in their yearbook that Heartland was her favourite show, and it got me thinking that it’d be worth it to check out. Even if you’re not super horsey it just seems like a nice, family show with gentle messages.

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