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Last night I got overtired and went on a big tirade to poor Sir Monkeypants about Lucy Liu’s shoes. On Elementary, she has quite a snappy wardrobe, all neutral tones in geometric blocks, comfy yet tailored and stylish at the same time. This season she is favouring short skirts and tights, and she always, always, has these little ankle boots on with these outfits, and I hate them. She has the boots in at least three different (neutral) colours, and they are all equally as hideous – super wide at the ankle, I guess so they can be pulled on and off, but they make it look like a) she has duck flippers at the end of her feet, and b) she is going to step right out of them the minute she has to hurry down the street in pursuit of a perp.

This led to a wider discussion (as poor, poor Sir Monkeypants eyed his iPod with wistful longing) of TV fashion in general, and how I am lacking a good TV clothing role model. My problem is that no one on any of the shows we watch wears stuff that I could possibly like and use in real life. Lucy Liu as Watson comes closest, which is probably why I am quite passionate about this shoe issue, but really, her thinness means her clothes would never work on me, plus her black-and-white-and-grey-and-tan colour scheme does not mesh with my love of the jewel tones, plus New York Casual is pretty far away from Suburban Ottawa Casual, not that I couldn’t aspire to something a little fancier now and then (at this, Sir Monkeypants NODS VIGOUROUSLY).

I watch Grey’s Anatomy, but it’s all blue scrubs over there; Alicia on The Good Wife does like some colour, but it’s all wool suits and sensible pumps, not exactly trip-to-the-park-wear. Kate Beckett on Castle has a lovely selection of mid-weight jackets that serve as good inspiration for the two weeks in October and April that they apply here; plus, I’m also very ranty about her footwear, as she’s always running down some alley chasing a bad guy wearing a bullet-proof vest and GIGANTIC HEELS. GAH.

How I Met Your Mother has potential, although Robin’s wardrobe is basically the same as Watson’s (ooh, crossover show potential where they both fight over the same sweater at Macy’s!), and Lily loves designer labels too much for my pocketbook to stand. Ming-na on Agents of SHIELD is too leathery (although, Simmons wears some cute ties) and everyone on The Amazing Race wears too much spandex. Over on The Big Bang Theory, I do like Bernadette’s cardigans and dresses, although I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to run out and buy something similar, while Penny wears plenty of colour but all her stuff is at least two or three times tighter than I’d feel comfortable wearing.

I really should go back to watching Parenthood and Modern Family. I don’t remember what anyone wore on that show, but at least they never inspired a late-night shoe rant. At this rate, all I have to look forward to, clothing-wise, is watching Good Luck Charlie with the kids (ROCK ON, Amy Duncan!).

Wanted: Female television character in her 30s or 40s, with stylish wardrobe, for inspiration. Must not be afraid of colour and must wear cool yet sensible footwear. Small-town casual style preferred.

Is that so hard?

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  1. I love Alicia’s wardrobe on The Good Wife, but I could never afford her designers…and her pumps are far from sensible IMHO. They tend to be 4″ plus heels and occasionally have platforms. They’re the kind of shoes I would wear if they didn’t actually hurt. Or cause me to teeter around like a newborn fawn.

    Claire on Modern Family is probably a good role model. Her clothes are very casual and approachable. I haven’t noticed her shoes.

    Detective Carter (before she was busted back down to a beat cop) had sensible shoes, and practical pants…but like a lot of women TV detectives wore way too many button down shirts for my taste.

    Have you watched Orphan Black? Tatiana Maslany plays like a hundred different roles and a few of them have great wardrobes. Alison has adorable preppy housewife clothes, Sarah manning has cool girl clothes with a bit too much edge for the average Ottawa suburbanite, Cosima has the wardrobe that speaks to me the most…she’s the brainiac one. Admittedly these characters are a good 10-15 years younger than me…

    Sigh. Maybe I have to jump on your bandwagon. Or learn to wear impractical shoes and make it look easy.

    1. I just had to google Detective Carter – I don’t watch Person of Interest – and yes, she does have quite a nice wardrobe, business-y but also comfortable looking. If I ever go back to an office job, she’s totally my role model. Assuming she does not wear heels – what is it with female cops (and Alicia) having to work all day in massive heels?? TOTALLY NOT COOL, show creators.

      As for Orphan Black, it’s on my to-Netflix list. I’ve heard it’s amazing and EW practically had a cow when Tatiana didn’t get an Emmy nomination. I’ll be sure to watch for the wardrobe high notes when we get around to checking it out!

  2. I totally agree that Lucy Liu’s shoes are the ugliest things ever!

    I find that not only is there a lack of tv clothing models in the 30-40 age range, but there is a huge lack of clothing stores aimed at that age range. Except for Reitmans, no one seems to sell clothes for women who are older than twenty but younger than granny. That’s what I blame my horrible wardrobe on, anyhow. 🙂

  3. and they wonder why so many of us wander around in lululemon (or in my case, cheap knock offs) and sweats.
    i work from home but am forcing myself to get dressed like i used to – today may find me in a gold sequin jacket. do what makes you feel good!

  4. And this is why I only ever wear my Star Trek uniform.

    HA! I’m kididng.

    I dress like Ellen Degeneres. Sometimes not even tv-ready, full-facepaint on Ellen, but hanging out with Portia taking care of our bajillion pets at one of our bajillion palatial estates while wearing polar fleece and baggy t-shirts Ellen. Translation: I dress like a stereotypical lesbian. Yes. I will own that prejudice but you should not judge me until you have walked a mile in my sensible footwear.

    I agree about Beckett’s shoes. Her jackets are nice. The thing that really gets me about Beckett is her hair. That is not cop hair. It’s too labour intensive, and it’s too high maintenance. In the first season and part of the second her hair was believable, but it’s becoming increasingly implausible.

    Those shoes are ugly. Maybe they’d be okay with a pair of well tailored trousers or straight legged jeans, but not skirts.

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