Domestic Disasters

So yesterday I curled up on the couch, ready to settle in for two glorious hours of Dance! Show! Finale! when, to my horror, I noticed that only one hour had been recorded. It turns out that President Obama (clearly a dance hater) gave a speech about important world crises and whatnot at 9, so the show was aired in two halves, and I missed the second half.

If this also happened to you, Fox is re-airing the finale on Friday night at 8. I’d like to say that I was all restrained and staying away from the internets and stuff, but you KNOW that 30 seconds after I discovered I did not have the ending of the show I raced over to Entertainment Weekly’s website to find out who had won. I hate surprises and I love me some spoilers, so I don’t feel like it will take away from watching the finale when I finally get around to it on Friday night.

In other news, I was making quesadillas last night and every SINGLE time I flipped one of them, I splattered myself with oil. I am down to like, two t-shirts now, because everything else I own has been stained with oil or salad dressing or barbecue sauce or some other cooking/eating disaster. I am at a point in my life now where I need to completely replace all my tops every two years due to staining, and yet, I cannot seem to make the intellectual leap to WEARING AN APRON. Memo to self: put aprons on my Christmas list.

And in further news, our summer/fall of appliance breakage continues. Today I am taking the van in for servicing as not one, but BOTH sliding doors are acting up. Meanwhile, when I brought the groceries home on Sunday, I asked the kids to help me put them away, and two days later, Sir Monkeypants discovered a very cold, wet box of spaghetti propping open the door of our downstairs freezer. OOPS. So later today, assuming I can have the van back to drive home and don’t have to hike through the thunderstorms we’re having, I will be cleaning out and defrosting the freezer.

Oh, the life of a stay-at-home-mom is SO GLAMOROUS.

6 thoughts on “Domestic Disasters

  1. smothermother

    Gah! I would have lost it if I didn’t get the second half. But I watched the finale last night in full. It was good. I didn’t get to see the dances that I really wanted to, but it was still a good show and everyone was dancing awesomely. And you’ll be happy to know (since you don’t mind spoilers) that they replay the opening dance that Nappy Tabs did on the first show of the top 20. FikShun and Amy were so cute when they won. Interesting that the four finalists were originally couples at the beginning of the season. I’m always sad to see the season end. I need more Dance! Show!

  2. A nice squirt of liquid dish soap (Dawn is my favourite) before throwing it in the washer works pretty good at getting rid of those oil splatters on your shirts.

  3. I have not one, not two but three lovely aprons. One even has a very colourful tropical design that my first born, when an infant, adored staring at while I washed him in the kitchen on top of the table (like that lasted long).

    Do I wear them? No. Do I know where they are? Yes. Are they in a convenient location? Yes, beside the fridge. Do I pass the fridge general geographical location when I’m cooking? About a bazillion times. So I pick up one of the three aprons and put it on? Nope. Do I have stains on my new t-shirts, fancy tops, long sleeved tops, gardening or painting tops, pjs, (yep sometimes I can’t muster up getting dressed, blah), or dresses? Yes yes yes yes yes.

    Do I have toddlers or babies who burp up milky substances? NOPE.

    Me = stain queen.


    (how nice that you take the time to blog. I am happy to read you while I can’t seem to get to my computer for more than a quick email check bec my phone is busted…)

    1. YES. THIS EXACTLY. My own lovely apron is in a cupboard in our kitchen pantry, within arm’s reach at all times. GAH. I am going to do a post of lovely Etsy aprons, I think.

  4. Aprons are the best! Get thee to Home Sense and buy one or two. They’re pretty and practical. I even wear my “Hostess with the Mostest” apron when I’m washing up dishes because I’m notorious for splashing filthy dishwater all over myself.

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