Inventory of the Floor of a Girl’s Room, Age 8-and-a-half

Plastic glow-in-the-dark sword, with sheath;

Bow and suction-cup arrows, with quiver;

Spear, created from snapped piece of dowel with pointy, unsanded end;

Star Wars gun with blaster sound effects;

Jolly Roger mini flag;

Two digital cameras;

One old flip-phone, no power or package, but still gets more talk time than my own;

Phineas and Ferb spy kit;

Phineas and Ferb cut-outs that go with a wind-up skateboard toy;

Kid-sized rolling suitcase, recently acquired from a garage sale, anxiously awaiting a sleepover invitation;

Panda slippers;

Snow globe;

Several Archie comic books;

Chewbacca bobble head;

Two pairs 3D glasses;

Playmobil travel skateboard park, with skateboarder and roller blader (either one may be the favourite at any given time);

One very, very worn out sheep, once yellow, now grey, well-loved.

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