Inventory of the Floor of a Boy’s Room, Age 10

One bouncy ball, coloured to look like the Earth;

One foam, fist-sized basketball, suitable for batting about with a mini hockey stick or tossing at the wall, Great Escape style;

Two light sabers, one Jedi, one Dark Side;

Alligator pen;

A variety of Lego men, arranged in various vignettes, such as the Lego restaurant area, or the Lego ninja battle area, or the Lego pie-in-the-face clowns and mimes area;

Various unattached Lego heads and other body parts;

One book: Lego Character Encyclopedia;

New iPod, later to be reported missing in a panic, then found by Mom, AGAIN, with no judgement, just some pointed sighs;

Half a Beyblade;

A couple ammunition pods for a Nerf gun;

Single turquoise coloured marble;

One blue stuffed monkey, with rattle, well-loved.

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