Inventory of the Floor of a Girl’s Room, Age Just-Turned-Six

Three brightly coloured Crayola flosser sticks;

Brand new and already beloved Hello Kitty slippers;

Bright pink water shoes, pretending to be ballet shoes until they someday get wet and slimy;

Assortment of metal bracelets that make a satisfying rattling noise when placed all on one arm;

Playmobil kangaroo family (“Kanga” and “Roo”);

Playmobil koala family (unnamed);

Handful of Lego people, all girls, with various hair pieces for each, one on a surfboard;

Magic wand, Harry Potter style;

Three Lalaloopsy dolls, all dressed in tutus, various accessories scattered about;

One stuffed bunny;

One stuffed giraffe;

One stuffed puppy;

Two stuffed cats, one Mommy, one Baby;

Calico Critters bunny set, a birthday gift, with tiny baby bunny toys and bibs and spoons and books scattered about;

One Care Bear, Harmony, with robotic “exercising” action and the ability to sing “Let’s Get Physical” in manner that will surely drive Olivia Newton John to an early grave;

One Ninja Turtle, Donatello;

One weak-necked brown bear, with sweet smirk, well-loved.

3 thoughts on “Inventory of the Floor of a Girl’s Room, Age Just-Turned-Six

  1. These posts are so sweet! This is a great idea. I’m glad to see that even your ten-year old still has a place for his favourite stuffed animal. I will be very sad when Bonhomme gives up his precious Bunny.

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