Wii Buddies

Here’s how much my son loves video games:

Him: Mom, want to play Harry Potter Wii with me?

Me: Sure, but I have to get dressed first.

Him: Okay, I’ll set it up.

Me: There’s no rush, I’ll be 15 minutes or so.

Him: Why?

Me: Well, I have to wash my face and put on some makeup, comb my hair, and go to the bathroom, too.

Him: Okay. I will come up with you and see if I can do anything to help.

Me: Oooooooookay.

Then he hung around the bathroom door, asking every 30 seconds if there was anything he could do. Thanks honey – I can wipe my own butt, but how about you go downstairs and make me a gin and tonic?


4 thoughts on “Wii Buddies

  1. Ha.

    It’s kind of endearing when the toddlers do it, but bigger kids?


    You should have assigned him a different chore and made him believe it was associated to getting ready. Like empty the dishwasher.


  2. CapnPlanet


    I think things like this are a big part of what makes parenthood so joyful, but they’re effectively inside jokes (only other people with parents will see the humor in this). Which in turn explains why the social/cultural gap between people with and without kids is so huge.

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