Engineered Plagues and Zen Gardens

We have a really weird bug going through the family right now. It starts with a day of headaches and random bouts of sneezing; the next day brings a sore tummy culminating in a politely contained, single bout of vomiting; followed by a third day of low appetite and slight fever; then, on the fourth day, you break out into typical cold symptoms, like stuffy nose and a cough.

It’s like some intern at a genetic engineering lab decided to create a superbug with every possible symptom in it, but then was only skilled enough to make it really mild on all fronts. So we get the full monty of stuff going on, but nothing too intense in any respect. I am mystified.

In any case, it’s been several days of watching movies and sipping tea and eating cookies (well, that part is just me, any excuse to eat cookies, I say). In good news, I think we may have secretly converted the kids to fans of The Princess Bride, even though they all swore they would hate it until the day they die. I guess, when viewed with a mild fever and near-starvation hunger levels, it suddenly becomes hilarious. Guess that’s why I loved it so much in university. Badda boom.

The kids have also spent a huge, huge amount of time monitoring Sir Monkeypants’ Zen Garden. Lest you think he’s some kind of new age gardener, his Zen Garden has something to do with the video game Plants vs. Zombies. I have no first hand knowledge but apparently there is a snail named Stinky and he is some sort of Tamagachi thing (dating myself there) where you have to feed him from time to time and he grows stuff and this is…a good thing for the game, somehow?

Whatever. I’m just thrilled to see them taking care of something, instead of being cared for, for a change. Next step: transitioning them to actual lawn care. That, and getting them to work the phrase, “I am not left handed” into everyday life. Neither should be too tough, don’t you think?

4 thoughts on “Engineered Plagues and Zen Gardens

  1. Jackie

    Our kids woke up today complaining of mildly sore joints and headaches – I’m sure we are in for it.

  2. OK, that’s so weird…my daughter had exactly this series of bizarre symptoms over the past week, minus the fever. Right down to the one bout of puking. (She made it as far as the bathroom sink. Ew.) God only knows what’s going around this city!

    Hope everyone feels better soon…

  3. We just got through painful tummies followed by 18 hours of intense vomiting to right as rain after another 8 hours. It was weird.

  4. It’s a slightly older game (first came out in 2009 or so? Old by game standards!) but our whole family (including Nana) has just recently become addicted to Plants vs. Zombies. Even the almost-4-year-old loves trying his best to play. And unsurprisingly, the Zen Garden is one of his favourite parts! Always on the lookout for chocolate for Stinky…

    It’s a great game. If you haven’t played it, you really should!

    One bummer is that it has far fewer “bonus” components for the Android version, which is what I use. My wife and sons have Apple devices with the full meal deal… I’m pretty jealous that I don’t get to have a Zen Garden. 😦

    Sorry to hear about the plague, but if it’s converting people to fans of The Princess Bride, I just can’t bring myself to hate it. 😉

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