The Writing Life

I had a post syndicated on BlogHer! I’m…not really sure what that means. Or how it all works. All I know is, a wonderful, magical fairy came out of the sky and blessed one of my posts with sparkly BlogHer-ness and I was totally, totally flattered. BlogHer can play fairy godmother to my Cinderella ANY DAY.

(The post, by the way, is this one from a few days ago, and you can see it on BlogHer here.)

(Also, about that post – thanks so much for all your kinds words of empathy and sympathy. I have happily bucked up.)

In other writing/blogging news, I will be teaching a class for Ottawa Catholic Continuing Education this fall. I am alternating between being excited and being horrified. But mostly, excited. MOSTLY.

The class is Blogging 101 and you can sign up for it here. If you’re reading this blog and you already have a blog, you’re probably not going to learn much here. The goal of the class is to introduce newbies into both the technical side of creating and maintaining a blog (using WordPress), the social side of becoming part of a community, and the writing side – how to find inspiration, what to blog about, how to compose a blog post, and so on. It’s a day-long workshop (or two evenings) where we will actually be building the framework of a new blog for each student on the site. Everyone needs to bring a laptop or some sort of internet-accessible device so they can work in real time.

I guess it might be useful to current bloggers who are on Blogger and want to learn WordPress, or maybe bloggers who are very new and still aren’t sure what to write about. In general though, it’s for the new and curious. So if you know someone who is looking to take the leap, point them in my direction!

And in other writing news, I have a small part-time gig over at SavvyMom, where I’ll be occasionally reporting on new businesses, services, and events around Ottawa. If you hear of a cool new store, or an older store with a new feature, or a new service in town, or a cool event, please let me know.

Last week I was chatting with Finola and she caught me using the word “writer” to refer to myself. And I was totally ashamed, like, who am I to be calling myself that? Who other than J.K. Rowling and Stephen King ever really feels comfortable using that word to describe themself? And yet. Perhaps I am…perhaps I am.

11 thoughts on “The Writing Life

  1. Lynn, you totally are…totally. The first time I put “Writer” in that space on the customs form (you know the one they give you to fill out on the plane) it freaked me out and I felt all furtive and like they were going to catch me out – and not for any items I hadn’t declared (because I would soooo never do that) – but for calling myself a WRITER.

    Now I’m pretty used to it and am contemplating the jump to “Author”…we’ll see if I can do it with a straight face!

  2. Businesses in and around Ottawa? I live in Old Ottawa South, and I have two suggestions for you!

    1. Three Little Monkeys — fabulous toy/diaper/baby stuff store in Old Ottawa South. I’m in there several times a month, just to window-shop and get ideas … and I very often can’t resist their so-appealing stock. 🙂

    2. My favourite! Stella Luna Gelato Cafe. Best, best, best gelato anywhere in Ottawa. The owner (Tammy Giuliana) learned in Rome, where she lived for (ten?) years. Tammy’s a going concern, and Stella Luna gets hundreds of customers a day. It’s a nice, airy space to hang out in. I take four or five toddlers in there quite routinely (though I’m careful to go in at the slower time of day, mornings, well before lunch.) The gelato is AMAZING, their sorbets fantastic, the paninis soooo good. They have a variety of coffees, so good I’ve pretty much abandoned the Starbucks across the street, and the service? Even when it’s busy to the max, the kids in there (university students mostly) are polite, cheerful, attentive, helpful. (Too bad you can’t always say the same about the clientele… sigh…) It’s such a classy and delicious addition to the neighbourhood!

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