SYTYCD! Top! Eight!

Well! The top ten certainly did not disappoint last week. May I say, I thought that was some of the best choreography I’ve seen on the show to date, and the dancers were incredible, too. I am not too sure about the elimination process this season but I have really come to love the all-star top-ten format – it’s so great to see some favourite dancers return, it allows for way more dance numbers per show, and I think the quality is much higher.

Now, to the ranking! I’m going to rank the girls and guys separately again, as it seems to make the most sense this season where there will be two winners. But if I were ranking them together, there would be four girls at the top, and four boys at the bottom. The boys are fine, but the girls are all outstanding and I love them. Can’t there be a four-way tie for first? No? Sigh.

Lindsay. Did I just say that? I did! I thought she was brilliant this week – of course, she had the good fortune to draw Jacob as her partner, who is not only fantastic, but has this magical quality of always making his partners look just as good as he is. Still, Lindsay stayed with him, the piece was sharp and memorable (Spencer Liff is my new favourite choreographer), and most importantly, her past appearances in the bottom allow her to show “growth,” which America loves. She should have no problem sailing into the top 4.

Eliana. She needed a big performance this week, and I’d say she got it. She actually outshined Alex onstage, I thought, and this number – set to a fabulous arrangement of one of my favourite songs, Bang Bang by Nancy Sinatra – was so, so memorable. My one quibble is that we already knew she could do this kind of dancing, and do it well, so it doesn’t show us anything new. However, it was still great, she has a billion watt smile, and I think she deserves to win. I’m positive the judges would save her over any of the remaining women so she should sail into the final two, at least.

Tiffany. She’s turning into quite a little firecracker – I have high hopes for her tonight. As usual, Doriana Sanchez rocked the disco and Tiffany’s number with Brandon was fab. Plus, totally awesome outfit. She’s growing all the time and I think deserves to stay.

Witney. It shames me to put Witney last, after her dreamy number with Nick last week, choreographed by Travis. She could have been sharper and snappier, I thought, but there’s no mistaking the fact that she was hypnotically beautiful to watch. I suspect she’ll be sent home tonight…ah, if only everyone could stay.

As for the boys…

Cyrus. I watched last week’s show with my mom and older sister, and I was all like, “I don’t have a favourite this season,” and they were all like, “DUH, CYRUS.” So apparently, Cyrus has captured the hearts and minds of the nation, which is actually okay with me, because he’s a sweetie and a cool dude. His dancing? Pretty much beside the point. I mean, he was okay and everything last week but he’s no George or Matthew, highly deserving dudes who are now gone. Plus, Jamie (LOVE HER) totally carried his ass. Still, if he wins the whole shebang, I won’t be sad.

Will. Oh, how I am trying to like Will. I am TRYING. However. He was totally outshone by Kathryn last week – he has the goofy, fun spirit for Bollywood but none of the required snap. My mom and sister think he’s adorably cute. I am apparently the only one on the planet who is not charmed by Will. But I am trying. GAH.

Chehon. First let me say, I ADORED the choreography of the Dave Scott number he did with Lauren last week. However, his dancing was just not loose and groovy enough. Lauren, who I usually do not like, totally rocked it, she was flowing and jamming all over the place. Chehon, however, struggled. I love what he can do but he needs to work on his versatility.

Cole. Wow, from first last week to the bottom of the pack this week. Between an injury that kept him out of the group number (but OMG, I died to see Tyce dancing, he was actually fantastic, I thought), to pulling Anya as his partner, it’s a tough week for him to win votes. I think Anya and Allison are the hardest all-stars to get, as they are both so incredibly magnetic that their partner just disappears, and sadly, Cole was no exception. Speaking of Anya, I thought she was showing a little weakness this time, not quite as snapping and snazzy as usual – but still so, so charismatic. I wonder, though, if her time is waning and we will see Witney or Lindsay appearing as ballroom all-stars next year.

And speaking of next year, here’s some all-stars I want to see back: Janeane, Sasha, Melanie, Sabra, and Phillip Chbeeb (known simply as CHBEEB in my house). Please, Nigel?