Dance! Show! Totally! Blowing! It!

This has definitely been my weakest season ever for the rankings. I am sucking it, I admit. Apparently I have no insight whatsoever into the minds of America. I blame Suzanne Collins, as I devoured The Hunger Games book 1 this week, and now the half of my brain that is usually devoted to So You Think You Can Dance is instead busy huffing around the house fuming at Katniss for her shabby treatment of Peeta. I’m torn now between wanting her to figure out that Peeta is the best guy on the planet, or ditching him for Gale so there’s more Peeta for me.

I am the cougary-ist cougar who ever cougared.

Anyway! Dance show! We’re down to the top six and my top women’s pick went home last week, along with my second men’s pick. Who’s left to choose from? Let’s see…

Eliana. I think she’s got the love going on. It’s been a slow build but she’s really starting to shine now. Her number with Ryan was actually pretty charming – I had totally forgotten about Ryan, and it was nice to see him looking so light on his feet in his own style. As for Eliana, I love her, the judges love her – all that can come in her way now is the underdog factor.

Cyrus. Definitely a head above the rest when it comes to the men’s race. He’s stupidly popular, and getting to dance with Melanie last week (who is very smartly popular) was a windfall. I thought their number was sweet but not dazzling, but who cares – it’s Cyrus! Even I don’t care because he’s such a sweetie.

Tiffany. I like her, but I find myself confused as to why she turned out to be so smashingly popular, when Audrey, her dance clone, was tossed aside like last week’s leftovers. Sometimes I find Tiffany to have this ruthless, ambitious look in her eye that makes me wonder if she’s secretly a mob wife, and her connections are out strong-arming votes for her. Just me, then? In any case, she’s a great dancer and her abs put my entire body to shame, so I can’t complain about her making top 4.

Chehon. Mega, mega points to Chehon this week for his touching family backstory. He actually maybe even (dare I suggest it?) surpassed Cyrus in the heartbreak category. The way his parents saved him and his brothers from the streets! The way he’s been on his own since age 14! The way he cried to have his mom see him dance! Oh, how I love it when they cry. Add in his lovely tango, courtesy of the always-amazing Miriam and Leonardo, and he had a great week, one that should easily get him into the top 4.

Witney. I often feel that the top 6 show is the least interesting, voting wise, as it’s almost always the two that finished in the bottom during top 8 week who will be sent home the next week. Maybe top-8 week should be one of the double elimination weeks, if required. In any case, Witney is most likely to go home just based on the fact that she got fewer votes last week, but that’s too bad because her hip hop with Twitch was BAD ASS. Seriously, I do not know how Witney can go from being such a giggly girl in her interviews to being so powerfully charismatic on stage. I thought she was every inch Twitch’s partner in that number and it’s actually the only one I wanted to watch over and over again. AMAZING.

Cole. Again, most likely to go home based on last week’s voting, and also because Cyrus and Chehon are both crazy popular (not that that seemed to help Will, though, and we have established that I have no idea what I’m talking about, so…). He was pretty good with Allison, although as usual, I mostly watched her, because Allison is da bomb. Cole showed once again that he’s best when playing powerfully evil, which is cool and dazzling but also kind of scary, so yeah, I’d say he’s most likely to go home this week.

I heard a rumour that Benji will be on this week! Benji Schwimmer! That’s rockin’ awesome. Also possibly returning: Marko! Of Marko and Melanie fame! Such a cutie pie. It’s gonna be a good week.

Who do you think will be going home?

4 thoughts on “Dance! Show! Totally! Blowing! It!

  1. I was excited to see your post. I think Whitney and Cole will go this week and I’m thinking that Eliana and Chehon may win this thing. I am now officially in love with Chehon because he is such a cutie and he loves his mummy.
    It seems like a weird season to me because so many dancers have such strong personalities but the season has been so short that it’s really hard to predict which way the voting will go. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

  2. not watching this season but enjoy your enthusiasm for it!! loved the Mia Michaels episode!

    as for Hunger Games, I devoured all 3 books in less than 2 weeks last Spring! couldn’t put them down. the movie was good too!

  3. “I am the cougary-ist cougar who ever cougared.”

    Love this! And on occasion, I could give you a run for your money in the category. Usually when I’m at the pool at the rec centre and the young lifeguards are running about in swim trunks. Bad Alison. Bad.

  4. |Did I tell you about the horrible store I had to go to in New York for Angus, and I walked back to the hotel with this bag with half-naked teen-aged boys on it and my roommate said “Did the store have the half-naked boys?” and it TOTALLY DID?

    You have to email me when you’re done book two.

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