Pin Me and We’ll Go Steady!

A few years ago, FameThrowa was working at a company who were trying to launch a new internet site. It was a link sharing site, and you could log into it and post up links of stuff you really liked, with a comment. Then your friends could visit your links and comment back.

It never got past the alpha testing phase, but when it was finally ready for some (gentle) testing, they were looking for users to fill it up with data. So FameThrowa got me and Mrs. Carl Sagan on there, and we started a board for Etsy links we wanted to share with each other. Soon, 95% of the entire data in the site had been generated by either me, Mrs. Carl Sagan, or FameThrowa, talking about Etsy. Every day (oh who am I kidding, SEVERAL times a day) we’d log in there to see if there was anything new, and we’d drool over each other’s finds.

Let’s just say that until the site went under, not a lot of housework got done at the Turtlehead or Sagan homes, shall we?

So now, along comes Pinterest. It’s basically the same thing, except it’s a highly visual site, so you can only include links to things that have a pretty pretty picture. Then it takes all your pretty pretty pictures of pretty pretty things and makes a pretty pretty home page full of the things you love.

Oh my lands, it’s like pretty thing CRACK. I am already addicted.

And of course, the first person I wanted on there was Mrs. Carl Sagan, and after about five minutes of looking at my Pinterest page she could no longer resist. Now we are swapping Etsy links (and others, it’s not just about Etsy) several times a day, and when we’re not pinning things we are searching the internet for more things to pin, and OH MY, the virtual shopping is heavenly.

I predict a very dirty house for the next several weeks. Or months. Or years.

You can see my page of pretty things here. If you want to join, I can invite you. If you do join, send me your page so we can all go down this rabbit hole together.

8 thoughts on “Pin Me and We’ll Go Steady!

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    And PA day be damned! I didn’t get nearly enough pinning done as I should have with all those kids needing attention.

  2. must check this out. sounds like something i would like. i was just thinking the other day that i didn’t have enough on the web that i could loose my time with. 😉

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