No time for a real post today, but I had to get these two very important public service announcements out there…

First, Dance! Show! is on tonight. The season actually started last week with some audition rounds, and I didn’t even know. Guess my bitterness at not being asked to be a judge for this season is showing. Anyway, despite my initial lack of interest you all know that the coming of Dance! Show! means there’s only a few more weeks before this blog becomes all dance show, all the time. You’ve been warned.

Second, apricot season is here! Spotted at the Superstore. Get them now, get them often (but leave many, many apricots behind for me).

You’re welcome.

One thought on “PSAs

  1. i was wondering if you knew it was on since an entire episode went by without a peep form you. 😉 it was a totaly surprise for me too. luckily my pvr remembered and taped it.

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