Running To Stand Still

Oh my heavens, I feel like I haven’t been by the internet in about a thousand years. It’s actually been more than a week, which really IS a thousand years in blogging time. This June is just knocking me down and kicking me around. My calendar is FULL. I mean, booked for every second of every day from now until mid-July. It is CRAZY.

I was going to list here all the things I have to do this month but it was incredibly tedious, even for me, and I’m living it. Every day I have at least 10 items on my to-do list, and these are not casual, nice-to-have, work-on-my-personal-growth kind of things, these are MUST DO, last possible day, have to get done NOW kind of things.

The Busy-Ness is totally interfering with my planned blog posts, which include a second year of the Summer Of Awesome (YES) and a series on Myers-Briggs codes, because I am obsessed, and of course, Dance Show Commentary, plus numerous craft and birthday party posts (the little one is turning four, FOUR). And it will happen, DAMMIT, if I have to give up many many nights of sleep.

One thing that has been taking a bit of my time is gardening. I am NOT a gardener, in fact I kill plants on a regular basis. But last year Sir Monkeypants and I got tired of living in the only house on the block with zero landscaping – it was the outdoor equivalent of the mismatched university-era IKEA furniture that we still have in several rooms of the house – so we had a fabulous company (shoutout: Dutch Landscaping!) come in and build us some lovely walkways and flower beds.

Now is the time to fill those beds with something other than dirt, and my good friend Lee Ann did us a HUGE favour by designing all our flower beds – picking out the plants based on colour, hardiness, and appropriateness for sun/shade, and deciding where everythingn would go. I would have had NO idea. On top of that, she even took me shopping to get everything which was even HUGER, the nurseries are SO intimidating what with the plants, plants, and more plants all over the place, and latin names being thrown around willy-nilly, and it’s all just so OVERWHELMING.

So I’ve been shopping, then planting, then shopping, then mulching, then shopping, then pulling up more sod to make a new bed because now I have The Fever, then shopping, then planting. Everything article of clothing I own is DIRTY.

But it is lovely. And I am happy.

I even put in a small vegetable garden for the second year running. It already has wee little plants in it. I continue to be amazed, just amazed, at how you can throw seeds in the ground and water them and voila!, food. It’s a miracle, literally. Speaking of miracles, our next-door-neighbours have a robin’s nest in the rafters of their play structure, and the four little blue eggs in it hatched a few days ago. Between baby bird watching and baby vegetables growing and gardens taking root, I’m feeling rather misty-eyed with the Circle of Life these days.

It’s so nice to have a little rooting in this crazy, windy, wild June. Summer really is awesome.

The Garden
The Garden
The Garden
The Garden
The Garden
The Garden
The Garden

7 thoughts on “Running To Stand Still

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    Oh, how lovely it is! I’ve definitely got some garden envy. We have a vegetable garden, but that’s really it. I think we are the only house on the street that hasn’t done any landscaping in the front and it needs it. Sigh. There’s always next year.

  2. I need to borrow your friend. Between the soil I keep procrastinating about picking up, my garden centre phobia and the water ban, we’re growing a lot of dirt here. I did pull some weeds and push some of the dirt around so it looks a little less like ultra-white-trash dirt that might pull you in, strangle you and eat you, but still….

  3. Can I say yay for another summer of awesome. And only a little bit of that yay is because I am hoping you will write some more awesome posts for Kids in the Capital. 🙂

    If you are looking for something to add to your summer of awesome, come downtown and hang out with us at the wading pool!

  4. Oooh, I like the garden pictures! I like gardening myself. Of course, I live in Calgary, where you have to choose the world’s hardiest plants because of late frost early frost hail something else crazy. Eep!

  5. looks great. glad to hear you’ve been bitten by the bug. i really enjoy gardening. don’t know what the frak i’m doing, but still enjoy it. and your veggies look awesome!

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