Never Gets Old

Dora The Explorer: Say salto!
Captain: Salto!
Dora: Louder!
Captain: Louder!

Dora The Explorer: Say parada!
Gal Smiley: Parada!
Dora: Louder!
Gal: Louder!

Go Diego Go: Say rapido!
Little Miss: Rapido!
Diego: Louder!
Little Miss: Louder!

I’m thinking Nickelodeon should re-think this particular aspect of these shows.

5 thoughts on “Never Gets Old

  1. In our house is a case of DS2 demanding “Say backpack!” and if you don’t answer then he just demands louder until you do. Somehow I thought that by having two boys the Dora obsession would bypass us…clearly not 🙂

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