The Inner Workings Of The Three Year Old Mind

Little Miss (looking at a photo of her teenaged boy cousin): That’s LeafsFan!

Me: Yes.

Little Miss: He has necklaces.

Me: Um, really?

Little Miss: Yes, he has necklaces.

Me: You mean, he wears a necklace?

Little Miss: No, on his teeth.

Me: Oh, you mean braces. He has braces on his teeth.

Little Miss: That’s what I said, bracelets.

5 thoughts on “The Inner Workings Of The Three Year Old Mind

  1. Love it! Love the other conversation that appeared in my inbox but not on your blog, too. 😉

    I can hardly wait until my guy is old enough for these conversations. 😉

  2. that’s hilarious! oh my god i love what kids come up with and love even more that you have commemorated it forever 🙂 she’ll get a kick out this one day.

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