Pauline over at Brightest Blue gave me an award for general awesomeness (name this quote: “There is no charge for awesomeness.”) That’s awesome!

If you don’t already read Pauline, you should. Her blog is like a peek into all the cool, funky, unknown secret places of Ottawa (and often Montreal and Toronto, too). She knows where to find all the best thrift shops, and which untrumpeted diners are hiding a killer menu. She’s always finding little out-of-the-way places to visit, the kind of things you wish you knew about. Plus, she’s a better artist than you and I will ever be, and growing her talent all the time. Go and see for yourself!

Here’s my lovely meme award:


[Lovingly crafted on a theme of Major Irony by the super cool Jill over at Yeah. Good Times. Thanks, Jill!]

To fully accept this award, I’m supposed to list five things, four of which are lies, and one of which is truth. I’d love to say that I’m a crappy liar, but truthfully (see what I did there?), half the stuff you read on this blog is completely blown out of proportion already. So basically, I just just point you at my last five blog posts and you could pick and choose for yourself. Truth? Lies? Meh, it’s a grey area.

I kid! Mostly.

Here’s my list – see if you can spot the one truth. It should be pretty obvious.

1. My favourite number is 10.
2. My favourite number is 7.
3. My favourite number is 5.
4. My favourite number is 21.
5. My favourite number is 3.

Sigh. I’m an open book, what can I say?

Now I’m supposed to pass it on to five more bloggers, but that’s always such a tough part. I hate feeling like I am assigning my friends homework. But I also hate it when people are all wishy washy and say, “anyone who wants to can do it!”, because no one is ever going to do it if you don’t call them out by name. And I do like it when I get an award or a meme handed to me, but on the other hand, I get bitter and depressed when I am not one of the chosen ones.


So here are five bloggers who I think might actually want to do a meme due to the nature of their blog, but you totally don’t have to if you don’t want to, and if you do want to, you absolutely should! No judgment here! Julie at Thoughts of a Smother Mother, Liisa at Fit For A Kid, Carly at Talking Myself Out Of The Tree, J at Please Pick Up Your Socks, Sabrina at Ninja Mom.

Thanks, Pauline!

11 thoughts on “Memetastic!

  1. Awww, thanks Lynn! You’re making me blush with all your compliments! You are the most awesomest! 😉

    It’s either five (There are five listed afterall) or seven (Which is a popular favorite number)

    1. Hee hee hee…you guys are cracking me up with your honest attempts to guess the number! It’s really 5. I don’t want anyone to lose sleep :).

  2. Yeah, I’m not bitter and depressed at all. Also, seven used to be my favourite number — apparently I’m just a sheep. I used to LIKE coming here.

  3. My favourite quote: from the deleted scenes of Old School.

    “I could get arrested!”
    “What are they going to arrest you for? Being awesome?”

  4. Thank God . . . er, Lynn! A blog post topic I didn’t have to come up with myself. I’ll play along – eventually. 🙂

    Awesomely yours,

  5. Thanks Lynn – I’ll add this to my draft file! I don’t think that with that badge I will use it as my Style Tuesday post, but there’s no due date for this assignment, right?

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