A Completely Average Morning Conversation With Little Miss Sunshine

LM: I would like Cheerios for breakfast.

Me: Very good. Get the box while I grab a bowl.

LM: I’d like a big bowl.

Me: Okay.

LM: Your dad smoked, and so he died.

Me: Yes, he did.

LM: I would like soy milk.

Me: No problem.

LM: Why did the girl have to look back? [Ed. note: Reference to that play about Orpheus we saw at the NAC.]

Me: She just wanted to see if the man was following her. She couldn’t help herself.

LM: Why did he have to stay in jail?

Me: It wasn’t jail, it was a place where people go to live when they die.

LM: Can I have some apple juice?

Me: Sure.

LM: You don’t know everything.

Me: Um, okay.

LM: You don’t know the whole world.

Me: That’s right.

LM: Why did Maddie say Never Ever Ever Ever? [Ed. note: Reference to both The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and High School Musical 3. I actually understand about 90% of her crazy segues, which is crazy itself.]

Me: It was her line. She was in a play and that was what she had to say. You have to say what they tell you to say when you are in a play.

LM: Your Mommy did not die. Your Mommy is Nanny.

Me: That is correct.

LM: Can I be done now?

Me: Yes. Can I lie down now?

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