Things I Just Don’t Understand

I don’t understand why, at pickup time, it takes me eight minutes to walk to the school, but 45 minutes for us to get home.

I don’t understand why an hour of waiting for Gal Smiley at skating class, with the Captain and the Little Miss, just flies by, while an hour of waiting for the Captain at soccer, with Gal Smiley and the Little Miss, feels like an eternity of torture in the depths of hell.

I don’t understand why, after yoga class, I feel like I’ve been beaten by thugs.

I don’t understand why I keep going back to yoga class.

I don’t understand why, on laundry day, everyone has seven pairs of underwear, seven undershirts, and yet some completely random number of socks. Gal Smiley typically has three or four pairs of socks, except for every fifth week when she suddenly produces 14 pairs of socks. The Captain regularly has 12 pairs of socks in the wash but Little Miss Sunshine has, at most, five.

And finally, I don’t understand why candy cane Hershey kisses and coffee do not qualify as a nutritious breakfast.

7 thoughts on “Things I Just Don’t Understand

  1. Me too! I think there is a wrinkle in the space-time continum or something. Today, every moment is taking FOREVER and I have no energy to do something holiday-charming with the kids. Ugh! Laundry math baffles me too. In my house, coffee does count as a nutritious breakfast.

  2. Ha! I’ve never understood why anyone finds yoga relaxing. I get all stressed out trying to bend my body in ways it doesn’t want to go. And yet, I kept trying different yoga classes because hey–everyone says it supposed to be so good for you and calming. I finally gave up a few years ago. It’s just not for me.

  3. We have the same problem with socks at our house.
    As for Hershey Kisses and coffee, I think that is a perfectly acceptable breakfast, but what would Jamie Oliver say?

  4. I can totally relate to your “why’s”? Although…coffee and chocolate for breakfast I feel is acceptable esepcially if there are nuts in the chocolate. Protein.

  5. Heh. I understand the pickup/dropoff. It takes me eight minutes to walk to school. If I have the 6yo, it takes ten. If I have the 5yo, it takes 25. ??? It’s not that he is that slow of a walker, it is that having more than one child = chaos.

    And what is wrong with Hershey’s kisses and coffee for breakfast? Breakfast of champions, I say.

  6. “And finally, I don’t understand why candy cane Hershey kisses and coffee do not qualify as a nutritious breakfast.”

    Wait they don’t? Next thing you’re going to tell me is that pop tarts and coffee isn’t a “balanced” breakfast either! Craziness! 😉

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