God Bless Us, Everyone

Despite my sad post from yesterday, I’ve been hanging in there with Andrea’s 25 Days of Christmas this year. Obviously I would have skipped the whole thing, but the older kids were excited about it. They’re young enough that three years running cements it as an unbreakable tradition.

Plus, Little Miss Sunshine was having serious issues understanding that Christmas was not today, and also, not today, and not today, either. So I thought having a visual countdown would help us all survive until the 25th with our sanity intact.

Side note: If ever you’re having a problem getting into the Christmas spirit, may I recommend Sarah McLaughlin’s CD Wintersong? Not only does it feature a cover of Joni Mitchell’s River, the saddest Christmas song of all time, but it also includes such upbeat tunes as Wintersong, In The Bleak Midwinter, Song for a Winter’s Night, and the world’s most downbeat versions of O Little Town of Bethleham and Silent Night. Cheery!

Anyway, I have to say, the one bright note in this troublesome month is that the kids have really thrown themselves into the Christmas activities. They’re loving it, and that’s really just so nice.

Today was the best day yet, I think. Our activity was to make puppets and put on a show for Sir Monkeypants. I thought we’d make a Santa and a few reindeer and do the story of Rudolph, but Captain Jelly Belly insisted on doing The Christmas Carol (as he calls it). That’s because he wanted to make a puppet of Marley in particular, but the only version of A Christmas Carol that he has seen is The Muppet Christmas Carol. In that one, Marley is actually “Marley and Marley” and is played by Stadler and Waldorf, who are the two cranky old guys who throw insults at Fozzie Bear. So his “Marley” puppet is actually two guys, held together with a “chain” made from a piece of string.

See if you identify the other characters in the photo — Ebeneezer, Ghost of Christmas Past (aka The Princess), Ghost of Christmas Future (Gal Smiley made him extra scary by adding lots of teeth and holes in his outfit), Santa (who played the role of Ghost of Christmas Present), and Rudolph (who played the part of someone asking for charity at the beginning, and then again at the end).

Puppets, but not the freaky kind

We wrapped up the play by singing Jingle Bells and I think I am safe in saying, it was the Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Take that, Alistar Sim.

11 thoughts on “God Bless Us, Everyone

  1. I love how they grabbed what they saw as the “important” touches from each character and put their own spins. Scary = holes in costume. So awesome. 🙂

  2. now that’s a way to get rid of the chrsitmas blues if i ever heard one. and please please please get rid of that cd! no one needs to get so depressed with christmas music.

  3. that is a great idea and my popcorn garland activity i’m supposed to do tonigth seems shameful compared to your efforts!

    get yourself some big band christmas tunes – that shit will kick Sarah McDepression in the ass

  4. LOVE this! What a great idea. Seeing the story through the kids’ eyes is really priceless. I’m sure this will be a memory not soon forgotten and hopefully told year after year.

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