Hey! FameThrowa got married! It was lovely, and everything went really well. FameThrowa was gorgeous, Mr. Chatty was handsome, I teared up a little during the ceremony, and the cupcakes were amazing. Success!

Our kids were well behaved but TOTAL lightweights. For one time only, we told them they could stay up as late as they wanted. No limits!

The first time one of my kids asked to go to bed: Gal Smiley, 6:45 p.m. PARTY ANIMAL.

By 7:30 both girls were begging to go home. Around 8 I finally took them down to our hotel room to get their sleeptime stuffed animals, thinking it would appease them, and they both tried to get into their jammies. I made them come back up to the party (mean, mean mommy!) but just after 9, Gal Smiley burst into tears and Little Miss Sunshine was already 80% asleep in Sir Monkeypants’ arms, and thus, we called it a night. They were both asleep approximately 30 seconds after their heads hit the pillow.


The Captain, meanwhile, decided he was going to stay up until 10 p.m. and he was determined to make it. He spent the hours between 8 and 10 standing on the dance floor — he refused to sit down — hugging his stuffed monkey and swaying gently back and forth with half-closed eyes. It was beyond sad. At 10:01 Sir Monkeypants brought him downstairs and he half-finished declaring he had made it before he totally passed out.


So, you know, we didn’t exactly tear up the night or anything, but we had a nice time and rocked it in a very small, subtle kind of way. The kids sat very quietly for the ceremony, and were very polite, offering smiles and handshakes to complete strangers, and all in all, we couldn’t have asked for better.

As it turns out, Gal Smiley had picked up some sort of bug that was preventing her from becoming a Disco Queen. She spent most of the night coughing and then, for a Grand Finale, threw up in the wee hours of the morning. Yay. Last night, the Captain came down with the same cough and he showed up at my bedside at 3:30 in the morning with hands covering a mouth full of barf. Let me tell you, NOTHING gets a parent out of bed faster — Sir Monkeypants and I were both out of bed and shrieking – “TO THE BATHROOM! TO THE BATHROOM!” – in about .001 milliseconds. Good times!

Congratulations, FameThrowa and Mr. Chatty — you two are adorable!

10 thoughts on “Lightweights

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    I bet Little Miss Sunshine was out of her mind with joy seeing all the girls in such pretty dresses!

  2. Geez, can’t you ever just get away clean? Glad the wedding was good anyway. My kids were the lame lightweights at Disney — “come on, we’re allowed to stay until midnight!” “I wanna go to bed!” “Suck it up ya sissies!”. Sigh.

  3. I’ll not forget the image of The Captain swaying on the dancefloor with his monkey! (I will try to erase the image of him later with the mouthful of barf. This will leave a mental scar…)
    “Happy is the bride the sun shines on,” say my mother and grandmother. 🙂

  4. Betsy Mae

    yeahhh!!! too bad you didn’t get to party until the wee hours but awesome that the kids were so good. i’m sorry to hear you’ve got some sickies in the house.

    soooo are you gonna share some pics?

  5. Oh no! I’m so sorry it turned into a rough night for you guys! At least the worst of it came after the wedding. I couldn’t have done it without you there. Thanks a million yet again for all of your help, support and love.

    We’ll talk soon!

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