Tomboys and Girly Girls

So, some have asked for photos from the wedding but sadly, FameThrowa is the second most private person on Earth, behind Mr. Chatty. Followed closely by Sir Monkeypants. So there will be no public photos of my gorgeous sister and her gorgeous new husband or my own gorgeous husband and three gorgeous children.

At least, not their faces. Here is a shot of Little Miss Sunshine wishing at the fountain at the pre-wedding photo shoot. I really like the colours in this picture.

Little Miss

And here is a similar shot a few seconds later of Gal Smiley and Captain Jelly Belly.

Gal and Captain

The dress that Little Miss Sunshine wore was so very, very her. She loves pink and flowers and big, puffy, twirly skirts and sparkly shoes (did you notice the sparkle shoes?). She wanted to wear a tiara too and we were willing but we forgot it. She’ll definitely have a huge cream puff of a dress at her own wedding.

Gal Smiley was more of a wardrobe challenge. She’s our little tomboy and that’s a tough one for us sometimes. Both Sir Monkeypants and I were hoping she would wear a dress but that’s really unlike her, and more importantly, it makes her feel uncomfortable to be wearing girly clothes like that. I’ve been to more than one wedding where photos were ruined by a cranky child and the last thing I wanted was for Gal Smiley to be upset and refuse to pose for pictures because she was wearing some pink frilly costume.

So despite the fact that we did have a pink frilly dress on hand – just in case of a girly miracle – I made her a little yellow vest as an alternative, and she loved it right away. She wore it with a long sleeved t-shirt with a collar, brown pants, and some sweet black mary janes we got from our neighbour. In the end I think she looked quite adorable, and also, just like Gal Smiley should.

It’s odd sometimes, having a tomboy. We so want her to just be herself, to figure out what it means to be Gal Smiley. But there’s so much pressure from all kinds of sources on her, from her friends asking her why she wears boys clothes all the time, to people giving her gifts of frilly pink and purple clothing, to girls on the playground telling her she can’t play with the boys unless one of them is her boyfriend, to her younger sister wondering why she wants a Ken doll instead of a Barbie. We’re trying to help her walk the fine line between fitting in and being who she wants to be. I hope we’re doing an okay job.

I can definitely say this: I love that little girl, for who she is, for whoever she wants to be. Rock on with your tomboy self, little one.

6 thoughts on “Tomboys and Girly Girls

  1. I think just letting her be herself is the best way to go. There’s a little girl at Hana’s school who is a major tomboy and I know her mother pushes her to wear frilly dresses and such (I know this because the mom told me). Meanwhile the poor girl seems to be quite uncomfortable dressing up all girly when she just wants to run around and get mucky with all the boys.

    My niece announced to her mom and dad at the age of three that she would not wear a dress at all, ever again. My brother and sister-in-law didn’t push it, they let her wear what she wanted to wear. She was happiest in her jeans and t-shirt and short boy-ish haircut. When time for grade 8 graduation came around and she announced to her mom she wanted to wear a dress it was a huge surprise. Now in high school, she’s still tomboyish, but less rigidly so than when she was younger.

    Love the pictures of the kids. 🙂

  2. I have that same niece! Well, probably not the same exact one. She did wear a dress for my cousin’s wedding and we have some adorable pictures of her and Angus, but other than that, it was Barbie’s wardrobe until age two and a half and basketball shorts and boy shirts from then until now.

    And I’ve seen the wedding pictures! The sister was indeed gorgeous, the groom has the nicest smile lines, and the children are indeed adorable. Just in case there was any doubt. 🙂

  3. Love the pictures! My oldest decided a few years ago that she was done with jeans or anything that has a button. So it’s yoga pants or skirts or skorts with elastic waists and tights. My Mom has a hard time accepting this and keeps buying her jeans that I end up passing on to my friend’s daughter. And my thought is… who cares? Let her wear whatever makes her comfortable… within reason of course. They all looked adorable.

  4. Great pictures! They are cute!
    It’s important to let people express themselves however they feel most comfortable, so it’s great you’re letting Gal be herself. As for presents from other people, could you maybe hint that she’s not really into dresses?

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