Catch Up!

The garage sale was a middling success. We sold all of the big stuff, but unfortunately, very little of the clothes. It’s not coming back in the house, though, so it’s off to charity with the lot (unless there are any takers out there? Anyone?). Our basement is a lot cleaner so that’s good, but I’m not convinced the sale was worth all the work.

On the good side, however, I let Gal Smiley have a little bake sale on the side and it was a huge success.

The Menu

I spent all day last Friday making all my favourite goodies. When Sir Monkeypants got home and saw the massive, massive amount of dirty dishes, he thought I’d gone a bit overboard. But we ended up selling just about everything, and the kids made $33. Plus the leftovers were no trouble at all to dispose of.

So next year, no garage sale, just a bake sale. Maybe.

In other news, the Captain’s horrible rash has cleared up, but the Little Miss’ Molluscum Contagium is still hanging around tougher than ever. It’s spreading over her torso, and now she has one little spot on her face. Poor kid. Add in the haircut, and some day she’ll actually be happy that all she has is braces, glasses, and acne in the family photos.

And in hair news, the Little Miss kept asking for ponytails and it was so terribly sad, so I took two tiny chunks on either side of her head yesterday and made little antennae-tails, and SO CUTE. And as she herself pointed out yesterday, now that her hair is short, it dries so easily after a shower and is so easy to comb out. So we’re trying to be all glass-half-full around here, and actually having some success at that. Gal Smiley has said many times that she wishes she had a time machine to go back and not play hairdresser, and she seems so sad and sorry about it, so we feel better about that, too. It’s time to move on.

In garden news, all our little plants are poking up now and it’s so very exciting…for us, and also for the bunny rabbit we now have living part time in our backyard. OOPS. The bunny loves the bean plants and so far we have lost five or six of them that he has bitten off right down to the roots. Sir Monkeypants is on emergency build-a-fence duty, so hopefully we can protect the rest.

And speaking of food…spotted at the Superstore this week, APRICOTS. The season is upon us! Get them while you can!

12 thoughts on “Catch Up!

  1. Gal Smiley’s bake sale looks awesome. I love snickerdoodles! Ed had never heard of them till he met me.

    We’ve had similar experience with garage sales. The big stuff goes, but all the little stuff stays. Really, unless you have big items to get rid of (one time we sold a washer and dryer) it’s not worth all the effort it takes to plan the sale.

  2. We had our community garage sale a couple of weeks ago and we did okay. I found folks weren’t buying much in the way of clothes this time around. I’m not sure if the time of year matters, but the one we had in September for my husband’s Grandpa we made crazy money at and sold all kinds of things big and small. And the clothes, we sold lots and lots of clothes at the September one. So who knows, maybe later in the garage sale season is better. Although this time we didn’t have any music playing nor did we offer free coffee. The free coffee was a huge hit at the September GS and I’d read it puts buyers in a buying kind of mood.

  3. A garage sale always seems like to much work to me.

    (I love apricots, but I find the ones we get here are often not worth the effort. I miss B.C. fruit.)

  4. Yep, garage sale not happening, no matter HOW much the kids beg me (I just keep telling them no one wants their crappy old toys. Mother of the year, that’s me). I can’t believe you had a two-year-old that could have ponytails before her hair was cut — Eve was BALD at two, BALD I tell you.

  5. It wasn’t great weather, right?
    Why not consign or try to sell as a huge lot on used ottawa? May as well try to make a bit of money from it!
    But if you’re giving it away… what age ranges does it cover again? 🙂

  6. Congrats on surviving the garage sale. It’s all good, even if it is a ton of work for little gain. (There’s a reasone I only do a garage sale every few years.) Take them profits and run. Great work on the bake sale too! Pass the snickerdoodles.

  7. DId you sell them by the bag like I advised? No, I thought not. Harumph. Well, you seem to have a few people here willing to take them off your hands.

  8. Our plants have started growing too, but little bugs keep eating the leaves. Any ideas on an environmentally friendly way to keep the little buggers away?

  9. After our garage sale, we just left the things out that didn’t sell for free. Pretty much everything went, and the rest was picked up on our Monday garbage day.
    I just rescued the turntable because that needed to go to a good home.
    Great that the big stuff went though – feels great, doesn’t it?

  10. We ended up bailing on the sale last saturday because i just wasn’t ready. And the today it rains… UGH So we are trying for tomorrow since I don’t trust Mother Nature to give me a nice sunny Saturday next week and we are running out of Saturdays I am willing to do this type of thing on.

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