Remember yesterday, when I was all innocent and naive and worried that no one would show up for my garage sale? And I was so afraid of having tons of stuff left over that I marked it all down to a quarter?

Good times.

Late yesterday I posted news of the sale up on some local websites and since then I’ve gotten a surprising number of emails from people asking if they can come out early to have a look. I guess this is standard garage sale etiquette but man, I am not a store front, people!

Anyway, looks like I’m not going to have any trouble selling the stuff. I’d go mark it back up to one dollar but I’m too freakin’ tired of looking at it.

I did sell that one box of stuff yesterday, and I felt a little sad about it, but it’s only today that I have realized (eureka!) that I am not really sad about babies growing up and little ones gone and blah blah nostalgia-cakes.

No, rather, I am upset that some of my piles have been lessened and messed up. I want to open the garage doors on Saturday and have the radiant light of my most AWESOME GARAGE SALE EVER fan out over the waiting purchasers like a golden rainbow. I want there to be gasps at the gorgeous, gorgeous piles, the fantastic organization, the dazzling array of price tags. I want everyone to wait for a minute of silence before entering, then shop reverently, respecting the piles and the sheer amount of stuff and leaving enough for everyone.

I want to be the Goddess of Garage Sales. It’s very sad, really.

So the pre-sale factor had me a little upset mostly because if there is no amazing, fantabulous display of wares when the sale starts on Saturday, I will feel like a total sham, the Slum Lord of Garage Sales. I MUST WIN, people. Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

In other news, I was thinking of adding two Royal Doulton Bunnykins sets to my sale because they’ve been sitting on a top shelf for years, gathering dust. I had no idea what to ask for them — one dollar? two? — so I checked online. Turns out that new sets go for like, 60 to 75 dollars! On eBay, this stuff sells for $15 A PIECE, minimum!

So now I’m torn. Should I keep it as an investment in my children’s future? Should I display it, so everyone can see I am the Goddess of Bunnykins? Should we use it like everyday dishware? Or sell it? Hm.

15 thoughts on “Vultures!

  1. At least they emailed first. When we had ours last September I had people knocking on my door the evening before. Some people are pushy!

    As for the bunnykins, I have two sets as well. One in my china cabinet and one in it’s original packaging in my closet. I have no idea what to do with this stuff. We don’t use it. I think we also have a few extra pieces that were either mine or my husband’s when we were kids. I can’t remember anymore. It seems like such a waste to be sitting in my closet or even in my china cabinet. I don’t see my kids having any real emotional attachment to it at all. I’m not sure they even know they own it.

  2. Jill

    I use our bunnykins sets every day with my little one. My mum still has ours tucked up safely – we never used them. I just figured that they were to use and, so far, haven’t broken any bits! Just watch, it’ll happen tonight. Smash.
    Have fun with your garage sale!

  3. My kids use their Bunnykins dishes all the time. They love them. I had them when I was a kid and used them all the time, too. They go in the dishwasher fine.

    Oh gosh–now I realize I’ve given Bunnykins dishes to friends of mine with kids. It never occurred to me they’d think they were too nice to actually use!

    I had a huge attachment to my bunny plates and bowls as a kid. And I never broke them, either (even though I destroyed lots of other things because I wasn’t a particularly careful child). They were special to me.

  4. MrsCarlSagan

    It looks like rain tomorrow so that may mean fewer people out garage sale-ing…so, it’s good that you already moved some stuff in the pre-sale.

    As for the Bunnykins, this post reminded me that I have one or two unopened boxes of the stuff in my cupboard. Never used so no sentimental value at all so maybe I’ll sell them. My mom still has the Bunnykins pieces that my brother and I used, but we actually used them so that makes them special.

  5. Drove me nuts as a kid that there were these beautiful “real” dishes given to me (NOT my parents!) that I was NEVER permitted to use.

    I took my old sets and the new ones given to me when the Little Man was born and use them daily. Yes, they’re expensive and many designs are irreplaceable if broken, but so be it.

    I pee in the face of the wind . . . so to speak. :o)

  6. Well I tend to follow the crowd like a big ol’ sheep anyway, but honest, I was going to say use them or sell them too. And everyone who knows you already assumes you’d be the Goddess of Garage Sales, so no worries there.

  7. Vicky

    Hi Lynn, I know I wanted to pre-buy some stuff from you but I won’t be able to make it out to Kanata before Saturday. I’m sure you’ll sell it all though!

  8. We use our bunnykins set, it’s the official sick child table setting. Everyone has fond memories of it. I’m not a nostalgic kind of person, I don’t have memory books, just a bit of handknits and handmade quilts to pass on to my kids. They’ll be fighting over who gets the bunnykin set I think.

  9. Woot, I have at least three or four of those bunnykins dishes that belong to my husband collecting dust in the cupboard nobody can reach for the clutter on top of the fridge — going on eBay the minute I get home tonight!! (I used to use mine for porridge, every single day when I was a kid. My mouth tastes like salty oatmeal every time I see the bunnykins pattern to this day.)

    We’re doing the garage sale thing next week, so you can swing by and buy up all our stuff to replace the clutter you just offloaded!

  10. andrea

    I am now using 2nd generation and first generation Bunnykins. I use them everyday and the kids and I love it. Don’t sell them – use them!

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