My Girl Wants To BOLO All The Time

It’s just over three weeks until BOLO, and where the heck has the time gone? I need to get my butt in gear, but my goodness, I am SO BUSY. It’s all good, though, things are coming together and I’m excited.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be revealing the BOLO readers one at a time on the BOLO Blog, so start checking there for details and information and general excitement. Whoo hoo! We still have spots for a couple more readers, so don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon. You know you want to!

Oh, and photo bloggers, we need you! Email me here if you want to display stuff.

I need a few volunteers to work the night — a couple of greeters at the door, someone to help the photo bloggers set up and to hover around their tables for the evening, someone to help me set up. Any takers?

7 thoughts on “My Girl Wants To BOLO All The Time

  1. Pam and I can help with set up but we’re not hovering anywhere for the night except around various brightly-coloured drinks. 🙂 And I probably can’t greet anyone given my crippling social awkwardness.

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