Everything But The Kitchen Sink

So, remember when I listed all the things I had to do in May and June, and the one thing I said had to go was the garage sale?

Well, it’s totally happening after all! Some of the wedding-related parties had to be postponed so now I have the time and the free Saturday to do it.

I spent all day last Sunday and many, many hours since getting ready for the sale, which is this coming weekend. We are really hoping to get rid of all of our baby stuff, especially the clothes. There’s just so, so much of it.

At first I was thinking of charging $1 per item, but the more I kept laying stuff out, the more I started to think that I really do not want to have anything left at the end of the day. I want this stuff to FLY off the shelves, people. So in my head, before the sale even started, I was already marking everything down to 50 cents. Then I marked more than half of it down to 25 cents.


Seriously, I hope it all goes. It certainly isn’t coming back inside my house at the end of the day.

Here’s a shot of my garage right now:

Garage Sale Prep

The last few nights I have dreamed of piles and price tags. GAH.

I look at all these neat little piles (sorted by size, then by girl/boy, then by type of clothing) and I wonder why I am always so uber-organized when it comes to big projects, yet my house is such a disaster. I could take 10 random photos of the inside of my house right now and you’d see at least two or three dumpings of random crap in every shot, not to mention mismatched furniture everywhere and builder beige paint on the walls.

But then I would die of embarrassment that you had seen the inside of my house in its natural, raw state, and then there would be no Turtlehead, and then where would we all be? You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Anyway, wish me luck, and if you’re in the market for baby clothes, please, PLEASE come over and take some. PLEASE.

11 thoughts on “Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    That’s impressive – I’m sure it will all fly off the tables. You may need to hire someone for re-folding purposes during the sale.

    What girls’ sizes do you have? My neighbour is adopting and their little girl will be 12 months when she arrives. She might be interested in stopping by….

    1. Everything from 0-3 months right up to size 2 (and a few size 3 girls’ sweaters in there too).

      My friend Chantal came over this morning and her niece is having a baby girl in a couple of months, so she went out and took a box full. I thought I really wanted this stuff to go, and I was totally fine when laying it out, but when she took the box… I got a lump in my throat. So sad!

      Anyway, please tell your neighbour all about us and tell her to get here early :).

  2. I would suggest, since you have so much stuff, that you sell it by the bag full. Maybe $5 for a grocery bag full or something?? People will take more stuff that way than they would if they have to pay for everything individually. It’s the only way to sell a mountain of clothes at a yard sale, in my opinion

  3. that’s a good suggestion from xup.

    very impressive set up. i probably would have done it that way too. again everything except my house is super organized. i’ve got boxes of clothes waiting for karen. little henry is the same season as max, so they should be set for the next year!

    good luck this weekend!

  4. Vicky

    Hey, would you take pre-orders before the big sale? I’m in the market for 12-18month to size 2 girls stuff!

    1. Hi Vicky, a friend of a friend is coming by on Friday to preshop and I think she’s also looking for 12-18 month girls’ stuff. I’ll email you my address and you’re welcome to come on by earlier if you’re really keen. Do you need any jackets or snowsuits? We have two pink 18-24M jackets and one size 24M snowsuit that are in great condition that we are looking to give away.

  5. Good luck! Have fun on the big day. You may be surprised how quickly things get cleared out. I would highly recommend an XL coffee in a travel mug be handy and add Baileys as needed. Passing things on is bitter-sweet. Make sure you take some of the garage sale profits and do something that is meaningful to you, supermom, to mark the milestone.

  6. Jay

    I have no doubt you’ll be cleared out quickly – and don’t be surprised when people still want to haggle with you!

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