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Julie of Thoughts of a Smother Mother wrote about her wedding dress today, and I left a small novella in the comments, so I figured I better blog about it too. This is part of the Wedding Dress Blog Tour hosted by Shasher’s Life.

I got married back in 1996 so there aren’t any digital photos of our wedding, and I don’t have a scanner. So I resorted to taking pictures of pictures with my camera. Only these aren’t even the good pictures, these are the proofs. And, they are sealed in plastic so they were extra reflective. Oh, technology, you’ve come a long way, baby.

First, here’s my dress as it hangs in my closet today. I had it all boxed up in one of those heirloom boxes for the past 14 years, but I just cracked it out a few weeks ago so I could extract the veil for FameThrowa.

Wedding Dress, Front and Back
Front Detail

It’s kind of off white with a gold thread making a pattern through it, and a bunch of beading and roses and crap around the top. I actually really liked this dress, although it looks very dated to me now. I wasn’t planning on buying a wedding dress at all, but my mother had seen this one in a store and drove me out to look at it and although it pretty much defined everything I did NOT want on the hanger, when I put it on it was perfect. So $800 later I was the proud owner of a dress I was going to wear for, like, a half hour.

Ah, youth, so freakin’ insensible.

Anyway, here are some extremely bad quality photos of me on the day.

Wedding Dress, on the day
Oh, I am So very Gorgeous

The best part of this outfit, really, was the veil. I took the fabric they had to cut off of the bottom when fitting it, and used that fabric to make some matching roses for the top of the veil. Why Martha Stewart became famous instead of me, I’ll never know.

I totally should have sold this dress afterwards — I’d do it now but I think it’s too old to find a buyer. Since I busted it out of the box I’ve been thinking of cutting it up to make something new. It’s a lot of very small pieces, but don’t you think it would be cute if I could make a blouse or skirt or something to wear to FameThrowa’s wedding? Hm.

I almost forgot, until I got these photos out, that I changed my dress for the reception, into something with a more Indian flavour (Sir Monkeypants is Indian):

Indian Dress

This one was beautiful, made from a traditional Indian wedding sari. I still have this one in the closet too, but I’m actually more attached to it – too attached to cut it up. It’s a top and a separate skirt and I actually wore the skirt part to a couple of fancy Christmas parties back before I had three babies and gained a muffin top. Still, I suppose I could let it out some. Too much for FameThrowa’s wedding? Hm.

19 thoughts on “Here Comes The Bride

  1. Look at you in those photos…youngster! You’re looking very smiley and happy, though, as one should do on one’s wedding day.

    I also ended up wearing a dress I hated when I saw it on the hanger, but I’ll leave the rest of the story till I get home tonight and add my own blog post to the list. All this wedding dress talk looks like fun!

  2. Oh I love your 2nd outfit for the reception, that is so cool. Thanks so much for participating in the Wedding Blog Tour!!

  3. I like the quality of the pictures — it makes it look kind of 1950s. That dress was gorgeous on you — I like the Indian-flavoured (yum) one too :). And I’ve seen you in person so any more muffin-top comments and I WILL nunchuk you.

  4. omg you look awesome. adorable comes to mind, but i don’t know if you would like that. 😉

    and i love the sari dress. i wanted to buy a wedding sari while in india, with hopes that i would wear it one day! ha!

  5. I’d *like* to tell you that you’re welcome to wear anything to my wedding, but I fear that if you wear your Indian wedding dress you’ll look more gorgeous than me, and then I’d be all pouty. 🙂

    Too bad the camera didn’t pick up the gold thread of your first dress very well. I don’t think the dress looks dated at all! It’s still my favourite dress of all the brides’ dresses I’ve seen worn at a wedding.

  6. I love the photos, and I especially love the sari dress. Beautiful! I have to tell you though, that when I first looked at that photo of you looking up into the air, I thought you were looking up at your husband-to-be, because it’s obvious you’re holding his (or someone’s) hands in the photo. So, is it him or are you looking up at a leak in the ceiling?

  7. I love both dresses! And I think it’s double the fun that you got to have two dresses. My girlfriend had a regular style wedding, plus a full-on Indian wedding – wow, it was a whole lot of dresses and parties, I tell ya!

    Now you’ve got me wondering what my dress would actually look like if I took it out of its 14-year old box too. But I have waaayy more muffin-top issues than you do, so I fear just looking at how tiny the waist is on my dress will make me depressed! 🙂

  8. Stopping by via the wedding dress blog tour.
    No digital pics of my wedding either. I’m a little envious of all those who do have digital pics.
    I love both your dresses.

  9. My grandmother took pieces from her wedding dress and maybe barbie dresses for all the grand children. Amazing, when you think of it.

    (No clue what to do with yours.)

  10. Patricia

    Lovely dress 🙂 I just came across your blog through another persons, but wanted to let you now about they sell old wedding dresses to new brides and donate the money to breast cancer research. Your dress is a bit older then what they are looking for now, but they may open up what they will accept in the future. You could also use your blog to pass on the info about them. It’s a relatively new charity but they’re off to a great start!

  11. i love this – the girls were playing with mine the other day. i wanted a simple calvin klein-ish shift dress, and ended up with something so not like me as well, but it was quite nice in the end (you look beautiful)

  12. nadinethornhill

    You look joyful, beautiful and if I may say so, very sexy (rockin’ those shoulders, lady!)

    Also? FameThrowa is getting married!? Wow – I AM out of the loop.

  13. Hi Lynn. You look beautiful and both dresses are so lovely. I’m afraid to look at my 13 year old dress. I never got it packed into a keepsake box…it’s been on my list of things to do…for 13 years! 🙂 Laura

  14. Great photos! You look gorgeous!
    My cousin is also married to an Indian guy but their ceremony was VERY simple and there were very few attendees. She didn’t dress up in a formal gown of Western or Indian persuasion, which I though was kind of a shame. The outfits seem to me to be the main highlight of a wedding. But to each their own I suppose!

  15. Aw I got married in 1996 too and have a similarly dated-looking dress which I loved at the time. I too wish that I had sold it then because now it just sits, completely out of style, with sleeves no less. There is no such thing as sleeves in today’s wedding dresses!

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