I have a few things that I do that remind me strongly of certain people. For example, wearing an apron always makes me think of my Aunt Kath, while eating Bran Flakes makes me think of my friend SmokingToaster.

However, there’s no one thing I could associate with my sister FameThrowa. I’ve spent uncountable hours with her, just hanging out, talking and talking and talking. She’s got my back. She’s influenced my life and personality in so many ways.

So in honour of her birthday today, I present thirty-five things that remind me of FameThrowa:

1. Putting on lip balm.

2. Emptying the kitchen garbage.

3. Trying on clothes, especially sweaters.

4. Straightening my hair.

5. Hot rolling my hair.

6. “I know what you are…you’re a gas pump jockey!”

7. Barbie dolls.

8. The song Allentown by Billy Joel.

9. Tina Fey.

10. Courteney Cox.

11. The movie Moonstruck.

12. Drinking bottled water.

13. Eating lobster.

14. Orange-flavoured cake.

15. Wearing rings.

16. The song Head On by the Jesus and Mary Chain.

17. Gasping in reaction to a play, TV show, or movie.

18. Playing in the sand.

19. Peep and the Big Wide World.

20. Dancing.

21. Singing.

22. She-Ra, Princess of Power.

23. Twin Peaks.

24. Concert t-shirts.

25. Mixed tapes.

26. The song Obscurity Knocks by the Trash Can Sinatras.

27. Folding a hand in poker that would have won.

28. Cheesy souvenirs from faraway places.

29. Jackets.

30. Pillsbury sugar cookies.

31. A bear called Jeremy.

32. High thread-count sheets.

33. Watching White Christmas on Christmas Eve.

34. Laughing.

35. Home.

Happy birthday, little sistah!

9 thoughts on “HB FT

  1. famethrowa

    Ah geez, I started reading this post in the middle of a phone meeting and, of course, started crying. (Tears of joy though!) Thank goodness for the mute feature on my conference line and the fact that I wasn’t chairing the meeting. 🙂

    Thank you for a wonderful birthday present, Turtlehead! Love ya always.

  2. sparklypear

    #1 and #12 made me laugh out loud – and for me, it’s also snowpants; whenever I see an adult wearing snowpants I think of FT! 🙂

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