Five Things Putting A Spring In My Step Today

1. The way Little Miss Sunshine says, “Whoa whoa whoa, little missy!” when I’m trying to get her dressed to pick up the big kids from school.

2. That Kristen Chenoweth, who I love, was on American Idol last week, with Simon Cowell, whom I also love, and they did not like each other, leading to all kinds of fantasies in which my coolness and hipness and powers as a hostess bring them together in peace.

3. That my new pie cookbook arrived, and it is AWESOME, and I want to make everything in it right now, and do you KNOW how fat I’m getting?

4. Right now, it’s gloriously warm and spring-like outside, and I took the kids for a bit of a puddle-jump-splash fest, and it was just like Spring. But when it does turn cold and wintery again, we have a new sled that all three kids can fit on that we all are excited about. So it’s win-win weather-wise.

5. That Neil Patrick Harris might appear on Glee later this year, in an episode directed by Joss Whedon. And now, I have to go lie down, because that is just TOO exciting.

5 thoughts on “Five Things Putting A Spring In My Step Today

  1. Oh man…I feel like I’m the only person on the planet who hasn’t managed to catch an episode of Glee yet. I want to watch it, but just haven’t managed. If Neil Patrick Harris is going to be on it that may be enough to light a fire under me…

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