And So, We Come To The End

I just wrote a long post, complete with links and pictures, about some of the deals I’ve found around town for the kids’ Christmas presents. But then I had an attack of writer’s remorse, and couldn’t post it. For some reason, talking about presents you are getting for your kids seems too close to the big taboo — Talking About Money. So I’m thinking it over. Maybe I’ll post it next week if I get over myself.

In other news, I went out this morning to the IKEA to get one last little thing I need for the advent calendar activities (which start tomorrow, whee!). I have to pick up Gal Smiley at 10:30 and the IKEA doesn’t open until 10, so Little Miss Sunshine and I were at the door right when it opened. Along with FIFTY OTHER PEOPLE. When I am ready to go back to work, I am totally getting an IKEA franchise. I bet I could open one a block away from the current IKEA and still pack them in.

While I’m at it, I may as well add a Tim’s franchise inside. GOLD MINE, I tell you.

Between the IKEA this morning and a “quick trip” to the mall on Saturday afternoon, I think I’ll be fleeing to the safety of exclusive internet shopping in the years to come. I love you, internet!

My shopping this morning also included a trip to Lee Valley, which meant that my list was much done. DONE. I still have Christmas cards to write — if I get around to it. I’m a Christmas card FANATIC, but for some reason, I’m having trouble getting motivated this year. I think it’s Giant Fundraiser hangover.

But other than that I’m am now free to do the fun Christmas stuff, like wrap presents with the kids and decorate the tree and sing cheesy Christmas songs at full volume and make mixed drinks with creme de minte.

Time to get festive!

10 thoughts on “And So, We Come To The End

  1. “I think I’ll be fleeing to the safety of exclusive internet shopping in the years to come. I love you, internet!”

    Internet shopping is the only way I manage to get through the holidays without losing my mind! LOL. Shipping fees are ridiculous, but worth the hassle of not having to go to the mall!

  2. I’m having trouble getting Christmas card-ing too. I think it’s the lack of snow. I love internet shopping too. No crowds and I can do it in my pajamas :).

  3. OK, can I be frank? Yes? Thanks. Get over yourself! If you find good deals, then spread the bargaining!! 😉

    I’ve never done Christmas cards, too cheap (oops, talking about money) but I do send personal emails to everyone. And now I add photos of the jellybean. That doesn’t make me too bad, right? (in need of affirmation here).

    The jellybean and I put up the Christmas lights outside this year. It’s just what I needed to get into the spirit. And I can’t wait to start the 25 days of Christmas next year. I think the little guy is too young. You’ll have to tell me how it goes with Little Miss.

  4. You’re DONE? I think I hate you. 🙂

    Except I totally agree about IKEA and Tim’s. My husband and I always joke about moving somewhere and opening a Tim Horton’s and getting rich. And Costco is the same as IKEA – people lined up before it even opens!! Crazy! I wonder if we opened a Costco across the street from IKEA what kind of customer base we would get. Hmmmmm.

  5. i’m sleep deprived but have two very happy little girls thanks to *your* advent calendar idea this morning. 1st thing on the list? Make a list to Santa Clause. I love the activities calendar! I stayed up too late last night finishing it, but soooo fun 🙂

    1. I’m so happy to hear you’re doing the calendar! It’s seriously such a good time. Your girls will love it.

      I can’t take any credit for the idea, though. It was invented last year by Andrea over at the fishbowl. She’s the ideas woman, I just execute!

  6. Betsy Mae

    I’m nearly finished my Christmas shopping wohooo! I did 90% of it online which made life so much easier. I don’t mind paying the shipping fees because it’s usually less expensive than it would be for me to get a sitter or for my time and sanity! I need to go out and buy tape though, ha!

    Oh and my thought on sharing what you bought for your kids, or the deals etc? I think you should share your post, nobody should be judging you for what you decide to do for your children. It’s your money, your kids, your decision. Everyone needs to do what they feel is best for their own family.

  7. I second everyone’s wooo-hooo for internet Christmas shopping. I’ve been doing it for years. No crowds, no travel, no lugging bags of stuff, no malls, no impulse buying and you can save the shipping costs usually if you buy everything from one place (free shipping over a certain amount)

  8. I totally fell off the wagon as far as getting the advent calendar ready (and I bought then, playmobil ones.) I guess my boys will be starting their late 🙂

  9. IKEA is always busy.

    A couple of years ago, I had to go to Lee Valley on a Saturday in December. It was wall to wall people. The number they were serving was something like 32, and the number I got was number 37. I heard the person in front of me speculate whether they were 4th or 104th. It ended up being the fastest I’ve ever been in and out of there because they had actually increased the number of staff appropriately. I wrote an e-mail to their customer service when I got home telling them what a great experience it was – and I got an e-mail back the same day from a real person.

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