Little Miss ABC

A is for acorns, pinecones and sticks
B is for books, at least five or six
C is for crib, long put away
D is for dolls, the best thing to play

E is for expert at working a spoon
F is for fear of a popping balloon
G is for grape, your new favourite juice
H is for high chair, no longer in use

I for incisors, just two out of four
J is for jumps from the couch to the floor
K is for “knock knock,” your joke with no punchline
L is for love and cuddles at bedtime

M is for milk that makes you grow tall
N is for no nap, you’re not tired at all!
O for obsession you have with your bear
P is for “pretty dress,” all that you’ll wear

Q is for questions, always why why why
R is for ready to swing to the sky
S is for strangers, you give the stink-eye
T is for three, your latest dress size

U is for upside-down, you hang by your feet
V is for vitamin C, the number one treat
W is for words, more and more all the time
X is for excellent stairs you can climb

Y is for young, you keep me that way,
with Z for the zing that you bring to each day.

How many more days left of NaBloPoMo again?

6 thoughts on “Little Miss ABC

  1. this is a great post. thank you nablopomo!

    the jellybean is out of his high chair as well, but we keep it in the dinning room and is now used if he gets out of hand, which has only been once, and he wasn’t pleased about it at all. and for some reason his punch line for knock knock jokes is “ammmm!” like he’s taking a bite of something.

    knock knock
    whose there?
    pizza head
    pizza head who?

    and it goes on forever!

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