Why I Do Pickup And Not Drop Off

We had a rough night last night, so by the time Sir Monkeypants and I dragged ourselves out of bed this morning, it was an hour later than usual. We had to run around doing everything in half the time.

Usually Sir Monkeypants gets himself ready in the morning in time to drop off the kids at school on his way to work, but this morning, there was no time for himself as he rushed to get the kids dressed and fed. So when school time rolled around, I threw on a coat over my PJs and drove Gal Smiley and Captain Jelly Belly over.

Gal Smiley hopped out of the car at the kiss-n-ride just fine.

The Captain, who did not sleep well last night, had a small meltdown.

The poor boy was simultaneously upset by about six different things and by the time he climbed out of the van, all he could do was stand on the sidewalk sobbing. I hopped out of the car, which you aren’t supposed to do at the kiss-n-ride, to try to comfort him. Luckily the vice principal came over and sympathetically told me to just leave my van, as traffic was dying down anyway, and walk him inside.

Which I did, and he calmed down quite a bit. By the time we got to the building, he was fine.

I was a total mess, though.

Seriously, I don’t know how Sir Monkeypants survives drop off every morning. It was like the first day of school all over again. It sure didn’t help that the Captain was crying, but even seeing Gal Smiley playing happily in the kindergarten yard made me well up. My babies! Going away for the day! Into the big wild world all on their own!

Oh my God, excuse me while I get ANOTHER tissue.

Clearly, I need a nap. And a cup of tea. And possibly a lobotomy. I mean, they LIKE school! They are happy there! They are learning things and growing up to be lovely people!

I miss them. Sniff.

6 thoughts on “Why I Do Pickup And Not Drop Off

  1. Oh gosh, I feel for you. That was how almost every morning of JK went with Hana. It was harrowing. And for some reason she was always worse when I dropped her off than when Ed did. I used to have to walk away from her as she stood with her arms out-stretched, wailing “Mooooommmmmyyyyyyy!” Heart-wrenching. Then eight hours later I would come to pick her up and she’d say, “I don’t want to go! I’m in the middle of colouring, mom!” Sigh.

  2. my hubbie does drop off for that very reason. everytime i do it i end up crying and ranting that i want to be a stay at home mom and see them on and off the bus the morning, work at the school everyday etc etc.

  3. It is never easy when we see our kids cry. I’m sure you would have found it easier, maybe just a little bit, if everyone had been waving happily as they walked to school. Poor guy. I hope he has a better night tonight.

  4. Betsy Mae

    I feel sad each day when the bus pulls away or when I leave the kids in the school yard. It still doesn’t feel ‘right’ after three years of doing it! It’s mixed for me. On one hand I feel so happy to have some time to myself but on the other hand I feel I miss them.

  5. M is very sensitive to schedule changes and being rushed. He would have had a hard time on a morning like that as well. Since Kevins work situation has changed he has been the one putting the kids on the bus and I like it. They are much less likely to cry for him 🙂 Hugs.

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