Top! Ten!

It’s down to the top 10 on Dance! Show!, and I must admit, I am a wee bit excited. This past week’s top 12 show was — dare I say it? — really entertaining. There were some great numbers, some good dancing, and some quality chemistry. Either the cameramen are getting better at working with the new stage, or the dancing was so much better that I didn’t notice the crap filming — either way, the set didn’t bother me much this week.

Sonya was back, and rocking it with two incredible numbers, both of which I adored. And Jean-Marc was back too, not quite as rocking, but it was good to see him. And Tyce did a can-can! An actual can-can! Man, I could not stop laughing during that one — it was just impossibly entertaining. Gal Smiley asked to see it three times over, because she didn’t know that her mother could laugh that hard. In a good way.

Also, another great group number to start the results show — the hop-hop Alice In Wonderland one by Taboleon. The group numbers have really been outstanding this season, haven’t they?

Oh, I can’t wait for next week!

So in classic Turtlehead tradition, it’s time to rank the top 10. Remember, this is not the order that I think they fall according to quality of dancing; rather, it’s the order of their popularity, the way I think the audience will vote. Or should vote. If they listened to me. Okay, so it’s sort of somewhere in the middle.

1. Legacy. America loves the B-Boy tricks, and Legacy does not disappoint. And although he seems a little flaky in his interviews, his dancing has been great. He’s grown a lot, and the voters love a dancer that shows progress. If he can keep impressing every week, he’ll go far.

2. Russell. I KNOW. Russell really has shown a lot of growth. But come on America, he is NO JAKOB. However, the viewers of this show seem to have no end of love for this guy; ever since the judges put him in potential danger in the very first week, his fans seemed to have mobilized into an impenetrable phone-dialing army. His numbers with Noelle last week were weak, weak, weak, and yet, no bottom three for them. Noelle better hope she gets hooked up with Legacy next week or she’s in trouble.

3. Jakob. Okay, so he’s my personal favourite. My good vibes totally worked for Jeanine, didn’t they? Jakob is beautiful to watch and fantastic at getting into character. He rocks and deserves to be on top. AMERICA.

4. Kathryn. Although there are some good female dancers this season, I feel as though they are being overshadowed by the men. I’m ranking Kathryn here as the top girl dancer although I know a lot of people aren’t even aware she’s on the stage when she’s dancing with Legacy. I really feel like she’s special and has a sparkle about her; I hope that next week she’ll step away from Legacy’s spotlight a bit and show off her own shine.

5. Ashleigh. Probably the most divisive dancer this season; some love her, some hate her. Like Legacy, though, she has shown real growth and America sure does love that. She also has a great back story and could go far if she manages to warm up to the audience a bit. Don’t you hate it when Cat is giving the results on the results show, and Ashleigh never looks the least bit nervous, nor surprised when she finds out they are safe? More humility — real or fake — is required to sway the voters, girl.

6. Nathan. Although he and Mollee have landed in the bottom three a few times now, I still feel like the teenage viewing audience is squarely behind Nathan. I know that if Gal Smiley had access to the telephone, and lived in America, he’d have about three million votes by now. That girl is devoted, let me tell you. He’ll have to use next week to prove he can properly partner a real woman — not just a girl — if he’s going to win over the Soccer Moms, though.

7. Mollee. I actually think Mollee is a really good dancer. I hope that the teenage girls aren’t bitter at her for touching Nathan all the time. If she can put in a mature performance next week with a manly man, it’ll go a long way to changing everyone’s opinion of her.

8. Ellenore. Oh, how I love Ellenore. FameThrowa does too. She’s so beautiful, and her dancing is so cool. I never really felt that she clicked with Ryan, though, and the fact that she seems to be weak in the vote-getting department is a concern. The show itself seems to be doing her no favours by saddling her with both the Lindy Hop (SO impossible to learn in one week!) and Broadway (KISS. OF. DEATH.) last week. I worry that her personality is too offbeat to mesh properly with any of the men, which means something will always be missing from her performances on this show. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see her in the bottom two girls next week, unless she really blows us away (come back, Sean Cheeseman! Ellenore is a good cause!).

9. Ryan. Ryan is beefy and a good partner, but I feel that he hasn’t shown enough versatility. It could be just because he isn’t making it happen with Ellenore, but in any case, he seems like the weakest man to me. And yes, Nigel, he certainly does need to work on his solos.

10. Noelle. I admit I have lingering dislike of her due to her flaking out in the first week (injury, sminjury!). Mollee has a twisted ankle and Ryan has a back injury and they’re still carrying on like troopers. No free pass for you! In actual dancing commentary, I do like how Noelle uses her face during her numbers — she’s so bright and expressive. But it’s not enough to make her stand out in the crowd — she always seems like a lesser version of Kathryn to me.

Who will win the partnership lottery next week? Can’t wait to find out!

3 thoughts on “Top! Ten!

  1. Jakob! Jakob! Jakob! (hear this like my voice chanting, okay?) Oh, he is amazing!

    Nathan – blah. Can’t believe they kept him.
    Mollee – yes, she really is talented. I am so interested to see her in a new partnership.
    Legacy – love his b-boy boys, can’t stand his weeping on stage.
    Ellenore – ditto what I said for Mollee.
    Jakob – woohooo!!! go Jakob!!

  2. I love Legacy but thought that the crying on stage was a ploy… yeah, I’m that cynical.

    Jakob is amazing. And I must say I stood up and cheered at the end of the cha cha last week. It was indeed Ashleigh’s world… I think she’s a bit cold because she’s from the ballroom world where you get judged and voted off the island but totally agree.

    I’d be more than happy to see Molly go home. To me, she looks like she’s wearing her mother’s make up (I know you loved it, but I thought the Can Can was the equivalent of last year’s Russian routine.) Nathan… don’t really get it. I think both the kids are phone it in. They both need to WORK at it.

    I’d love to see Ryan but on a bit weight, he looks gaunt and underhydrated.

    Apart from Jakob, I can’t say that there is anyone else really shining this season… alas.

  3. Random comments:

    Geez, Sonya is awesome. Glad she’s back. I missed her dearly!

    Tyce did a good job of the can-can and although Mollee and Nathan did well to catch up, it made the dance far too cutesy and amateurish with them doing it, especially Mollee. Ugh, I’m so not into that girl…

    I do love Russell, but I think it’s soon time for him to go. It wouldn’t be fair for him to beat out the other guys who are left. Except maybe Ryan.

    Ya, Ashleigh’s ego still grates on my nerves. I agree: she should at least learn to fake it. Danny did it in season 3!

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