Oh Mickey, You’re So Fine

Way back in the summer, I mentioned that we hoped to go to Disney in March of 2010. It seemed a long way off, which was good, because we had a lot of trouble deciding stuff. Important stuff, like, when would we go? Where would we stay? And how would we get there?

So several months later, we figure, we better do something about it. So I called up Disney and said, “Um, we’d like to come to Disney? Can you maybe talk to me about some options?”

Ha ha ha! I was such a newbie then! So green and innocent!

If you want to talk to Disney, there’s a whole new vocabulary you need to learn. You need to know your Magic Your Way pass options. You need to know your Moderate Resorts versus Deluxe Resorts versus Deluxe Villa Resorts. You need to know your Peak Season versus Summer Season versus Value season.

It’s overwhelming, but we finally figured it out. Now I feel like I learned a whole new language and culture. I’m like an ambassador to Disney! Interface through me, people!

We still aren’t completely sure what we are doing, but we are narrowing the focus, which is exciting. First of all, we have decided that we definitely are NOT driving to Florida. Our last couple of trips to Toronto have been rough — not that the kids were bad, exactly, but they’ve become very loud and shrieky in the car, which is not fun. Also, after a couple of hours of boredom the traditional Shoving Games start, and then it’s hour after hour of us yelling at the kids to cut it out, followed by them screaming that it’s all the other one’s fault, followed by secret shoving and pinching and poking, until someone cries (usually Sir Monkeypants).

I’m not sure that flying will really be much better in terms of behaviour and quality of travel, but we figure that at the worst, it’s one day of hell instead of three days of hell, EACH WAY, so we chose flying.

Next, we think we’re going to go in February this year. We were originally thinking March Break, but plenty of people warned us away from that time frame as Disney is so busy. Then, issues arose surrounding Sir Monkeypants’ job — he is likely to change companies in March and will lose all his accrued vacation, making travel in March impossible — and we didn’t want to push off the trip for a whole other year. So we decided to pull the kids out of school for a week and book for February.

Luckily, the first two weeks of February are still “Value Season,” which means we might actually be able to stay on the resort, which is something we ordinarily would not be able to afford. So we’re also looking at staying on the site, which is exciting for everyone. We debated for a long time whether we should do the full Disney experience — all Disney! all the time! — or stay off the resort in order to get a break, but in the end we decide what the hell, it’s the kids’ first time, let’s just go for it. All Disney! All the time!

We still have a lot of details to iron out, like, oh, finding a flight and finding a way to pay for everything! But it looks like we might actually get our act together enough to make it happen…which is so cool.

I’m excited!

14 thoughts on “Oh Mickey, You’re So Fine

  1. We went in February (this is a couple years ago) and it was THE BEST EVER. There were hardly any lineups at all and it was quite warm.

    We flew down and rented a car, which happened to be a red convertible mustang. (SECOND BEST THING EVER). And I’m not even the kind of person who cares a whit about what she’s driving – but the girls loved it.

    It sounds like you’ve already researched everything to death, but feel free to ask me anything. 🙂

    1. Awesome! We are looking for lots of advice, in terms of what to see and where to go. We are planning on only doing one park per day. Our kids are younger than yours, but if there is anything you’d recommend as a family, let me know! I’m sure I’ll come knocking with many more questions once Christmas is over and we’re getting serious with the day-to-day plan.

  2. Out of curiosity, when is Value Season? Our kids are dying to go someday, but I’m thinking that it’ll be a lot more within the realm of possibility if we go during Value Season.

    1. I’m a total expert now! Here’s the dish — this is in order from cheapest to most expensive:

      Value season – Jan1 to Feb 12; Aug 9 to Oct 1; November 29 to Dec 17.

      Regular Season – Apr 19 to May 21; Oct 2 to Nov 28

      Summer Season – May 22 – Aug 8

      Peak Season – Feb 13 to Apr 18

      Holiday Season – Dec 18 to Dec 31

  3. We went two years ago at the end of November, (right at the beginning of value season:)). I was totally going begrudgingly, it was all for the kids and I didn’t expect to enjoy it at all. BEST VACATION EVER. I don’t often go on vacations to places where everybody speaks the same language as me and most of them are working their asses off just so I will have a good time. Every once in a while, it’s really, really nice.

    1. Oooh, I’m SO looking forward to it now. We haven’t had a vacation (as in going somewhere) since our oldest was born. We are really looking forward to getting away!

  4. We should get together for Tea this week and we can talk Disney AND i can ask you the School council questions I have.

    Let me know what day is best for you

    1. Ugh, I have the Craft Fair on Saturday and I am going nuts. In fact, I was on your street this morning putting flyers up on your super mailbox (hopefully it is still there when you get home tonight — check the mail!).

      Can we do next week instead? Wednesday or Friday are best for me. Drop me an email!

  5. Oh can you PLEASE do a bunch of posts about Disney? We are planning on going soon too but haven’t decided when. I have saved up for it so we can go anytime, it’s just the planning and executing that I seem to be having problems with! I feel so afraid to book it and have things mess up.

    1. If you are planning on staying on site, I’d recommend just calling up the Disney reservation number and chit chatting with them. They’ll walk you through the options and offer you a bunch of different things, and then you can think it over.

      Two things I would warn about — first of all, things book up really, really early, so it’s best if you are looking at least six months out if there is a specific place you are hoping to stay. Second, they offer some special deals on their website — right now they have “buy four nights, get three free” — but the staff on the phone line can’t just offer t hese to you. You have to know about the specials and ask for them to access them. So check the website before calling.

      Our neighbours leant us this totally awesome book about Disney that I am poring over — “Walt Disney World with kids 2009” by Kim Wright Wiley. Totally worth the purchase since you have little kids too.

  6. I’m so jealous! I’ve never been to Disney World. My family did visit Disneyland in California, though…I recommend the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, if they have that in Florida. The song is the best. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me!

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