Bet You Can’t Guess

Dance! Show! America! has been weird so far this season. Last week’s show featured the top 20 in their pairings, but there was no results show and no voting — instead, the judges just chose someone to boot. Although sometimes the voting part makes me angry, this judges-rule thing was worse — it seemed that they just chose the two that they thought were weakest from the audition rounds, and the actual top-20 performances had nothing to do with it. SHITTY.

And it was SO unfair that Noelle gets a free pass due to an injured knee, when she didn’t even dance! If you can’t dance on dance day, then you’re out. It should be that simple. There’s no way she should get to stay on the show for another week while Ariana goes home. And how much will it suck if Noelle can’t dance at all and has to drop out, and then they have to tell Ariana, oh sorry, big mistake, you can come back for one more week, and try to ignore that GIANT TARGET on your back?


And while I’m being a whiny curmudgeon, let me just say that I really hate the new set. They have lost something by going with a traditional picture-frame stage, instead of the old format where the audience surrounded the whole thing. The connection between the performers and audience is missing, and it feels more like a high school musical than a semi-professional show. It just seems like no one watching is having any fun.

Plus, the new stage is a dark little cave — they need to up the lighting a whole lot — and the camera angles need work, too. They always seem to be too low (no more nostrils!) or too high (this isn’t a Busby Berkeley film) or too close or too far. Dance Show, you disappoint me!

It’s too early to talk about individual dancers (Phillip) or to pick out any favourites (Phillip) but overall, I felt that most of the dancers did a pretty good job (Phillip). It was nice to hear some actual constructive criticism from the judges (Shankman is being so much more useful this season!), and some of the dancers show real potential (Phillip).

I hope things settle down into a more familiar flow very soon, though. It’s good to have change but maybe there’s been a little too much change this fall so far.

9 thoughts on “Bet You Can’t Guess

    1. Tapper, yes. Of course I am partial to the tappers, but Phillip is my favourite — so light on his feet! So much snap! Sigh…dreeeeeamy.

  1. OK, when is it on? I didn’t even know that the next season had started and have seen nothing on Bell TV guide thingy. Thank god for you! Or I would be completely lost. I’ll have to check again and see if I can PVR everything. I have a “little” extra time these days, so I really have no excuse to not be watching.

    1. Hm…we have a PVR so I must admit I’m not exactly sure when it is on. It’s on Fox and I’m pretty sure it’s Tuesdays at 8pm. This week there was no results show, but in the future I think it will be on Wednesdays at…9? Maybe?

  2. Sorry— far behind…

    I hear you on the stage. I don’t like it at all… it’s like the dancers are getting lost up there… and the camera work is wonky.

  3. I finally watched this episode last night. I HATE the stage. when I was watching the show I was totally thinking about commenting to you about how I hate the stage and the lighting and how the camera people still haven’t figured out how to film in the new setting. I wish they would leave the harsh overhead white lights off. They drain the colour out of the dancers and the stage. It is nasty. I also hated the judge votes of this episode.

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