Sick of Sick

I’m so sick of being sick. I’m on day six of this thing and STILL I feel like crap.

Although they’re no longer testing for the swine flu, there’s no doubt that we have it. First of all, no other strains of flu are prominent in Canada right now, so everyone is being told that if they have the flu, it’s swine flu. And flu we do have — we’re a match for every single symptom.

First, there’s the sudden onset. One minute, you’re laughing in the face of germs; next, you’re feeling that burning sensation behind your eyelids when you blink, indicating that your temperature is zooming up.

Second, there’s the fever. Everyone in our family had a fever over 39 degrees Celcius (102 Farenheit) when measured by ear, a fever that was somewhat abated but not fully controlled with medicine. And trust me, you knew the MOMENT that medicine started to wear off; chills, shakes, huddling under sixteen blankets on the couch, unable to move, begging for meds. MEDS! NOW! It was a scene, let me tell you. Couch space was at a real premium.

Along with your five days of feverish viewings of Toopy and Binoo, you’ll get a cough — a nice, deep chesty cough that involves spitting up green gook. If you have the energy to keep coughing, that is. You’ll feel like you’ve been hit by a truck the entire time.

Eventually the cough and the fever leads to a sore throat and major sinus plugage, along with continued joint pain (nodding is SO HARD) and nausea. The Captain also had (bonus!) vomiting, and Little Miss Sunshine also had (double bonus!) diarrhea. Good times, good times.

I’m so thankful that Sir Monkeypants was sick too. At least he was able to be here all this past week. Between the two of us we figure we added up to about half a parent and that was at least good enough to dose the kids with ibuprofen every four hours and change the DVD on occasion.

The kids are on day seven of the flu and their fevers are finally gone (occasionally spiking in the evening when they get tired) and they’ve started showing interest in toast and the odd bowl of cereal, so that’s good. They’re all still coughing but at least they have the energy to punch each other over Legos again. Sir Monkeypants says he’s all healed (due to his IRON CONSTITUTION) so that just leaves me as a hanger-on. A few more days and I hope to be able to sleep without three pillows and six blankets again.

The one good thing about having the flu run through the house is that we don’t need to make the vaccine decision. I don’t see the point in waiting in line for hours to get a shot when we should have natural immunity now.

In fact, I feel kind of all-powerful. When I’m finally able to get off of the couch, I picture myself wandering through crowds at the grocery store or the mall, fearless, mocking those in face masks. Go ahead, cough on me! Hand me change that came from the same pocket as someone’s hankerchief! Don’t even bother to put out Purell!

I’m a survivor. I’m INVINCIBLE.

9 thoughts on “Sick of Sick

  1. Glad to hear you are all starting to get over this thing. I’d love to see the faces of grocery store patrons as you walk around shouting “Oink! Oink! You can’t get me!” 🙂

  2. OMG Lynn that sounds horrible! I really hope this immunization works cause I don’t think I could handle that. And if that came into my house after the baby was born I might have to take him away to keep him safe. The only reason it scares me is him… I am glad you guys are finally on the other end of it. Take Care.

  3. Poor you (and your fam). Mouse has been sick with it too but she’s really on the mend and doing great today. I was on a disinfecting frenzy and was all over my family at every turn to WASH YOU HANDS! Well nobody else got it and now I’m wondering if that was the right decision. Sure it would be a week or two of hell, but having everyone get it all at once would mean that we would be finished with it. Now it’s still loaming over me. Ease back into life as slowly as you can, I know you have a busy week.

  4. Wow, be sure to stay away from meget lots of rest until you’re sure it’s all gone. (I assume you’ve already read up on how long it lingers after symptoms disappear).

    I’m thinking that, while lots of people dressed up as Swine Flu pigs for Hallowe’en, dressing up as a swine flu *patient* at a Hallowe’en party would have been far more diabolical.

    – RG>

  5. wow, major suckage. but i’m glad to hear that you are on the mend. i’m totally with amy, you should get “we survived the pandemic” ts. you deserve it. i’m still freaked about getting it but the 8 hour line ups just seem so unbearable. i think your story might have put me over the edge to just suck it up and do it.

    take care and enjoy some soup when you can.

  6. Oh man…so sorry for the week you guys have had. Hope you’ve turned the corner now.

    Our doctor was still recommending we get the vaccine even though we had the flu. We probably will get it eventually, just to boost the immunity we already have…but we’ll wait till the lines get shorter. I figure we’re pretty low priority anyway.

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