Last Name PoMo, First Name NaBlo

It’s day one of NaBloPoMo, when bloggers are invited to blog every day for the month of November.

I’ve done NaBlo the past two years and really enjoyed it. I loved the creative challenge and I met so many fantastic new bloggers through the network. Plus, there’s always the dream of winning a totally awesome prize.

This year, I almost didn’t sign up. That’s because this November is shaping up to be the busiest month of my life, like, EVER. Here’s what’s on tap for this month:

  • Plan and host a major fundraising event at my kids’ school (this is the big one, I’m spending hours on this every day and I freak out every time I even glance at the volunteer schedule)
  • Get the team together for World Trivia Night (which is the night before the fundraiser, I am a GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT)
  • one PTA meeting, one poker night, one dentist appointment, one games night with friends, and one book club meeting (which I haven’t even started reading the book for)
  • the usual gymnastics and swimming lessons
  • it’s my birthday in there somewhere
  • complete all Christmas shopping (because I HATE the mall in December, and December is busy enough as it is)
  • prepare the activities for our Christmas Advent Calendar

But then I thought, what the hell? Let’s do it. Because after all, I am a glutton for punishment (see above).

And also, I have to keep on top of Dance! Show!, because otherwise our PVR will have a seizure, and our PVR is like our fourth child so I can’t have that. If I’m watching Dance! Show!, then that has to be good for what, at least four or five posts a week, right?

Throw in You Capture once a week, and that only leaves one day a week to make a pathetic post about how I AM SO BUSY. And done!

Should be a breeze, shouldn’t it?

I’m so sure.

3 thoughts on “Last Name PoMo, First Name NaBlo

  1. Eeeeek I feel stressed just reading this post which isn’t how I usually feel after reading your posts! Good Luck with all of that…I’m glad you are going to blog everyay otherwise I’m afraid you’d have to ditch us just to get everything else done.

    I might do NaBloPoMo (had to scroll up three times to get it straight) but unofficially because it all depends how the month goes.

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