Thank You For Sorbet

Thanksgiving weekend was super busy around here, but good. I kind of went crazy in the kitchen on Sunday when the turkey DID NOT COOK (still having heart palpitations) but I’m trying to focus on the positives here, which were:

my kids were awesome (despite Gal Smiley being so sick with croup that we took YET ANOTHER trip to the emergency ward at CHEO, like, they will soon start greeting us by a loud cheer of our first name just like NORM!);

it was so nice to see my mom and my older sister, who drove for a really long time to eat crappy turkey but really good desserts;

my younger sister dropped by and she is super duper pregnant and that is just SO cute;

the LEGO exhibit at the Science Museum is awesome;

leftovers are gooooood.

In sadder news, however, I learned from my mom this weekend that the Chapman’s Ice Cream manufacturing plant in Toronto burned down a few weeks ago. We are absolutely a Chapman’s family, because most of their products are peanut and nut-free. They make the only brand of sorbet on the market that is completely milk-free (most other brands add milk for richness, which seems STUPID, don’t you think?), so it is the treat of choice for the Captain; they also make the only brand of nut and milk-free popsicles available for sale locally. We absolutely rely on their popsicles to get us through all coughing-related illnesses, all year long.

So this morning I dashed to the Superstore and snatched up all the Chapman’s products I could; I scored some popsicles but unfortunately they were already sold out of the sorbet.

They say they’ll rebuild and I’m thinking of actually going down there to help. I can haul lumber! I can pour cement! What do you need? I’m there!

Anyway, hope y’all had a happy Thanksgiving.

13 thoughts on “Thank You For Sorbet

  1. I hadn’t heard that either! I have been blissfully unaware of what is happening in the world around me but outside my door (unless it’s written in my blogroll). I love their mint chocolate chip ice cream, very few companies get mint chocolate chip ice cream ‘right’.

    So what happened to your turkey???

  2. MrsCarlSagan

    The Chapman’s plant that burned down is actually in the town of Markdale where my parents live. We saw the site this weekend…absolutely nothing left. When the rebuilding begins you are welcome to stay with my mom and dad. 🙂

  3. What happened to the turkey?

    Supper bad news about the Chapman’s plant. I hadn’t heard about it either, and we are a Chapmans family as well. JIt’s yummy and inexpensive!

    Read on Dani’s blog about the debate this afternoon. I’ll try and get around to turning it on. Good luck!

  4. FameThrowa is preggy? Or is it another sister? You have so many 🙂

    That sucks about Chapmans. I always appreciated their nut free offerings and we are currently finishing off a very small box of their mini ice cream sandwiches… I wonder if I can get more.

    Can’t wait to hear you on the radio today! Already have it streaming on my computer in anticipation!

  5. Maybe I’ll come with you — I’m looking for a new project.

    We had the opposite Thanksgiving — just us and the two kids, and we didn’t attempt the turkey because I was sick as a dog and not feeling turkey-confident enough. But I made squash soup (which my kids hate) and mashed potatoes and garlic bread and roast beef (all of which my kids love) and a humongous pink cake and we had a nice, small, giggly family dinner. A pregnant chick would have really rounded it out though.

  6. Haha, I would totally run down to a burned-down ice cream plant and bug all the insurance men, like, “Do you know any contractors? Don’t worry, I got this.” (This is assuming insurance men actually come to stand around the charred remains of what was once a structurally sound building.) That’s crazy about milk in sorbet. I feel so deceived and violated!



    Seriously. I’m having heart palpitations. I’ll be driving around to every grocery store in Gatineau tomorrow and buying every one I find. Good thing we have two freezers.

  8. New here but had to comment. I had not heard the Chapmans plant had burned down. (I must be living under a rock?) They are the only ice cream we buy for school/sports functions b/c you can truly trust they are nut free! Eek. Hope you find a stash of sorbet at some other store!

  9. Hey Lynn, I was at Loblaws here in Gatineau on Maloney (and la Cite, I think?) and there are still at least 6-8 sorbet, both the rainbow and the plain orange. I think they were $5.59 each. If they’re still there later this week, do you want me to pick you up some? If so, which flavors? I mean flavours…

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