There’s A Lot To Be Said For the Army

Hey, remember that 5K run I was going to do? It’s tomorrow!

I was really enthusiastic about training for it for about, oh, two weeks back in June. Then I totally fell off the wagon. Sitting around in the backyard was so much nicer than running, you know? And it was too hot. Or too rainy. Or too dark. Or too buggy.

And seriously, how could I have been expected to go running when So You Think You Can Dance was on?

I’m still going to trudge downtown in my running shoes (but not my free run-associated shirt, because apparently that is GAUCHE) and line up at the starting line. I plan to do a run/walk combination and I hope to make it through to the 4K water station without collapsing. I keep imagining I’ll be like Michael Douglas in Running, attempting to finish the marathon at the Montreal Olympics after a bad fall leaves him with all kinds of blood and guts hanging out and broken bones and whatnot (horror show running starts at about the 8:15 mark):

I KNOW. Can you believe that this movie is not even based on a true story? The days before Lifetime were grim, indeed.

Anyway, if you’re downtown at the Army Run and you see me hobbling past, feel free to give me a good old, “Go, Michael! You can make it!”, and I’ll meet you at the finish line for doughnuts and a discussion of bad 70s cinema.

8 thoughts on “There’s A Lot To Be Said For the Army

  1. it’s not that it’s gauche.. it’s just really really really bad luck. I try not to touch my race shirts until after it’s done.

    have fun, think of me (sidelined with an injury.)

  2. Hey how did your run go!? It was such beautiful weather. I am looking forward to running it next year. Maybe we can run it together. My running partner is doing the half next year and there is no way I will be able to do a half only 9 months after having a baby.

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